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Why should I take Core Java Developer certification?

Learn how to create solutions to real-world problems in the Java Programming Language. This certification covers most essential aspects of Core Java. On the completion of this course, you will have all the basic knowledge that you need to create a functional Java program. Java provides a system for developing application software and deploy it in a cross-platform computing environment. It is used in a variety of computing platforms, from embedded devices & mobile phones to enterprise servers & supercomputers.

How will I benefit from Core Java Developer Certification?

Whether you want to become a java developer for major software companies, work freelance, sharpen your programming skills or simply want to bring your ideas to life with a program, this course is for you.  Java is one of the most popular computer languages in the world with a huge market advantage.

Companies that hire Vskills Certified Core Java Developer

Vskills Certified Core Java Developer may  find employment in all kind of companies like Capgemini, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Sapient Consulting Pvt Ltd, Tech Mahindra

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1 Language Fundamentals

  • Basics of Java
  • Garbage Collections
  • Declarations and Access Control
  • Flow Control

2 Object Oriented Programming

  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism

3 Exception Handling

  • Exceptions
  • Errors
  • Try---catch---finally blocks
  • Throw and throws

4 Input Output

  • File I/O
  • BufferedReader
  • Streams and Bytes Data

5 Java.lang

  • Strings,StringBuffer

6 Collections

  • Collections Interface
  • Vectors
  • ArrayList
  • Maps
  • Sets

7 Threads

  • Basics of threads
  • Multithreadiing
  • AWT and Swings

8 AWT and Swings Package

  • Frames
  • Panels
  • Frames Layout


  • Connection to Database
  • Types of Statements
  • Types of Drivers

Language Fundamentals
  • Explains Basics of Java programming language
  • Explains methods for garbage collection in Java
  • Explains the method of Implementing access control and declarations
  • Explains various flow control techniques
Object Oriented Programming
  • Explains various techniques for inheritance in Java
  • Explains the method of implementing encapsulation
  • Methods for polymorphism
Exception Handling
  • Elaborates the basics of exceptions
  • Explains different types of errors
  • Explains the procedure of using try-catch-finally blocks
  • Explains the procedure of implementing throw and throws
Input Output
  • Explains basics of file I/O procedure
  • Explains the uses of bufferedreader
  • Illustrates the procedure of implementing streams and bytes data
  • Explains the procedure of using the Strings,StringBuffer
  • Illustrates the concepts of collections interface
  • Illustrates the uses of vectors
  • Explains the procedure of implementing array list
  • Illustrates various methods of using maps
  • Explains the procedure of creating and using sets
  • Explains the basic principles and concepts of threads
  • Explains the concepts and procedure of implementing multithreading
AWT and Swings
  • Explains the concepts of AWT and swings package
  • Illustrates the uses and functions of Frames
  • Explains the procedure of implementing panels
  • Explains the procedure and techniques of using frames layout
  • Explains the procedure and techniques to connect a database
  • Explains the techniques and procedure to implement various types of statements
  • Illustrates uses of different types of drivers
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