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Vskills certification for International Marketing Analyst assesses the candidate as per the company’s need for international marketing. The certification tests the candidates on various areas in international marketing like political environment, international trade theory, social & cultural environment, international marketing research, segmentation, targeting, positioning, market entry, international services marketing,  global advertising and promotion, channel development and e-marketing.

Why should one take this certification?

This Course is intended for professionals and graduates wanting to excel in their chosen areas. It is also well suited for those who are already working and would like to take certification for further career progression.

Earning Vskills International Marketing Analyst Certification can help candidate differentiate in today's competitive job market, broaden their employment opportunities by displaying their advanced skills, and result in higher earning potential.

Who will benefit from taking this certification?

Job seekers looking to find employment in international marketing or marketing departments of various companies, students generally wanting to improve their skill set in International Marketing should take this certification to make their CV stronger. Vskills also helps certified professional in their career path by helping them in placements.

International Marketing Analyst Table of Contents


International Marketing Analyst Sample Questions


International Marketing Analyst Practice Test


International Marketing Interview Questions


Companies that hire International Marketing Professionals

Vskills certified professionals will find job opportunities in top companies like Unilever, Colgate, MasterCard, Flipkart, Sun Pharma, Mahindra Group, Adani group, Cipla, DLF etc.

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Introduction to International Marketing

  • Marketing: A Universal Discipline
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Management Orientations
  • Benefits of International Marketing
  • Forces Affecting Global Integration and Marketing

The World Economy

  • The World Economy-An Overview
  • Economic Systems
  • Stages of Market Development
  • Income and Purchasing Power Parity
  • Degrees of Economic Cooperation
  • The World Trade Organization and GATT

International Trade Theory

  • Nation Trades With Nation
  • International Trade Theory
  • Commercial Policy
  • International Financial System

International Political Environment

  • The Political Environment
  • Political Risks
  • Indicators of Political Instability
  • Measures to Minimize Political Risk

Legal Environment

  • Legal Systems
  • Common Versus Code Law
  • Branch Versus Subsidiary
  • Business Ethics and Bribery

Social & Cultural Environment

  • Basic Aspects of Society and Culture
  • Analytical Approaches to Cultural Factors
  • Influence of Culture on Thinking Processes
  • Influence of Culture on Communication
  • Culture Values
  • Business Customs
  • Methods of Doing Business

International Marketing Research

  • Marketing Information Requirement
  • Sources of Market Information
  • Formal Marketing Research
  • What Information Is Needed?
  • Marketing Information System
  • Problems in International Marketing Research
  • Other Research Techniques

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

  • Global Market Segmentation
  • Global Targeting
  • Global Product Positioning

Market Entry and Expansion Strategies

  • Decision Criteria for International Business
  • Creating a Product Market Profile
  • Decision Model
  • Planning for Global Markets
  • Entry Alternatives
  • Market Expansion Strategies
  • Cooperative Strategies

Competitive Analysis and Strategic Positioning

  • Competition Analysis
  • Global and National Competitive Advantage
  • Other Forces Acting on the Diamond
  • Competitive Advantage and Strategic Models
  • Strategies for Creating Competitive Advantage
  • Strategic Position
  • Competitive Risk Containment

International Product Strategy

  • Products Basics and Categories
  • Product Positioning
  • Product Design Considerations
  • International Product Life Cycle
  • Product Standardization versus Product Adaptation
  • World Product

International Branding and Packaging

  • Introduction
  • Branding Levels and Alternatives
  • Brand Consolidation
  • Private Brand versus Manufacturer’s Brand
  • Single Brand versus Multiple Brands
  • Brand Origin and Selection
  • Brand Protection
  • International Packaging
  • Mandatory Package Modification

Marketing Industrial Products

  • The Volatility of Industrial Demand
  • ISO 9000 Certification: An International Standard of Quality
  • Promoting Industrial Products

International Marketing of Services

  • Introduction
  • Services: How are They Different From Products?
  • Government Intervention in the Trade in Services
  • Marketing Services Globally
  • Services Opportunities in Global Markets
  • Entering Global Markets
  • Market Environment for Business Services

Basic Pricing Concepts

  • Basic Pricing Concepts
  • Environmental Influences on Pricing Decisions
  • Framework for International Pricing Strategy

Dumping and Countertrade

  • Types of Dumping
  • Inefficiency in Transactions Costs

Transfer Pricing and Other Pricing Approaches

  • Transfer Pricing
  • Global Pricing Three Policy Alternatives
  • Price Quotations

Global Advertising

  • Selecting an Advertising Agency
  • Advertising Appeals and Product Characteristics
  • Creating Advertising
  • Global Media Considerations
  • Media Vehicles and Expenditures

Advertising School of Thoughts

  • Standardized International Advertising

Global Promotion

  • Public Relations and Publicity
  • The Growing Role of Public Relations in Global Marketing Communications
  • How Public Relations Practices Differ Around The World
  • Personal Selling
  • Sales Promotion
  • Direct Marketing
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • Sponsorship Promotion

Channels of Distribution

  • Introduction
  • Direct and Indirect Selling Channels
  • Types of Intermediaries
  • Types of Intermediaries: Indirect Channel

Channel Development & Adaptation

  • Channel Development
  • Channel Adaptation
  • Channel Decision
  • Determinants of Channel Types

A Guide for Developing a Marketing Plan

Physical Distribution & Documentation

  • Modes of Transportation
  • Packing
  • Container
  • Freight Forwarder and Custom House Broker
  • Documentation
  • Shipping Documents
  • Collection Documents

Global E-Marketing

  • Concepts and Definitions
  • Introduction
  • Communications
  • Targeting The Individual Customer: Beyond Segmentation
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Interactivity
  • Speed to Market
  • Living In an Age of Technological Discontinuities
  • New Technologies Change the Rules of Competition
  • Components of the Electronic Value Chain

Sources of Financing and International Money

  • Nonfinancial Institutions
  • Equity Financing
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Agencies
  • International Financial Institutions / Development Banks
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Negotiating with International Customers, Partners and Regulators

  • The Pervasive Impact of Culture on Negotiation Behavior
  • Differences in Thinking and Decision- Making Processes

Leading, Organizing, and Monitoring the Global Marketing Effort

  • Leadership
  • Patterns of International Organizational Development
  • International Division Structure
  • Geographic Structure
  • Implications for Changing Organizational Structure
  • Global Marketing Management Audit
  • The Global Marketing Audit
  • Setting Objectives and Scope of the Audit
  • Components of the Marketing Audit

The Future of Global Marketing

  • Six Major Changes
  • World Growth
  • The World Economy Dominates

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