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Why should I take this certification?

Intellectual Property Rights and Legal Manager Certification allows organizations to identify and protect their intellectual property rights from any misuse and misrepresentation by any individual or organization. For growth and development, all organizations need well-maintained and effective intellectual property protection. Nearly every sector requires intellectual property rights and legal professionals.

Vskills provide certification for those who are seeking a career in intellectual property rights that help people with IPR related jobs to perform their tasks better.

How will I benefit from this certification?

This certification is beneficial for students & professionals who wish to make a career in intellectual property rights field. This certification is also beneficial for professionals already working and wants to acquire knowledge in this segment of the industry. Students will be ready for jobs since this is a high demand skill in various organizations and legal companies.

Professionals already in the industry and looking for job switch will also benefit from the certification. This certification will also provide an opportunity to those who wish to work in an organization as intellectual property rights and legal professional.

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Vskills Certified candidates can find employment in companies like CPA Global, Biocon, Fox Mandal, Amarchand & Mangalda, MacMillian Publishers.

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  • Intellectual Property Law in India
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Introduction
  • General Principles of Copyright
  • Copyright Act, 1957
  • The International Scene
  • Information Technology Act, India – Liability of service provider
  • Introduction:
  • Act to be aligned to International Conventions patents.
  • The Paris Convention.
  • The patent co-operation treaty
  • Budapest Treaty
  • The Issues
  • Introduction
  • TRIPS – Articles on Trademarks
  • The Trademark Act 1999
  • Essential Features of a Trademark
  • Protection of Trademark
  • Registration of Trademark
  • Infringement of a Trademark
  • The Issues
Geographical Indications of Goods
  • Introduction
  • Geographical Indication of Goods Act, 1999
  • The Issues
Industrial Designs
  • Introduction
  • Designs Act, 2000
Protection of undisclosed information
  • Introduction
  • Confidential Information
  • Undisclosed information – TRIPS
  • Non – disclosure agreements – standard terms
Control of Anti-Competitive Practices in Contractual Licenses
  • Introduction
  • Law in India Controlling Anti-Competitive Practices in Contractual Licenses
  • The Competition Act, 2002
IPR in the 21ST Century
  • Dispute Settlement under WTO




  • Understanding the status of intellectual property law in India
  • Explaining the concepts and terminologies of patents, trademarks and copyrights
  • Illustrating the basics and general principles of copyright
  • Detailing the technicalities of Copyright Act, 1957
  • Exemplifying the international scene in context of copyrights
  • Understanding the Information Technology Act, India and the liability of service provider
  • Describing the basics of patents and the need for the act to be aligned to international conventions patents.
  • Detailing the Paris Convention and the patent co-operation treaty
  • Illustrating the Budapest Treaty and implications of TRIPS
  • Explaining the upcoming issues in copyrights
  • Understanding the basics of trademarks
  • Illustrating the TRIPS – Articles on Trademarks and the Trademark Act 1999
  • Describing the essential features of a trademark
  • Detailing the techniques, process and steps for protection, registration and infringement of trademark
  • Explaining the issues concerning the trademarks
Geographical Indications of Goods
  • Illustrating the geographical indications of goods and their importance
  • Detailing TRIPS and the Geographical Indication of Goods Act, 1999 as applicable for geographical indications of goods
  • Explaining the issues affecting the geographical indications of goods
Industrial Designs
  • Understanding the basics of industrial design and using the Designs Act, 2000 for it’s protection and registration
Protection of undisclosed information
  • Describing the basics of undisclosed information and confidential information
  • Illustrating the TRIPS as applicable for undisclosed information
  • Detailing the need for non – disclosure agreement and their standard terms
Control of Anti-Competitive Practices in Contractual Licenses
  • Illustrating the anti-competitive practices and the various law controlling anti-competitive practices in contractual licenses
  • Understanding the Competition Act, 2002 for anti-competitive practices
IPR in the 21ST Century
  • Explaining the role of WTO for dispute settlement and applicability of TRIPS

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