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Web Analytics Master Table of Contents

Table of Content



  • What's analysis?
  • Is analysis worth the effort?
  • Small businesses
  • Medium and Large scale businesses
  • Analysis vs intuition
  • Introduction to web analytic

Google Analytics

  • Getting Started With Google Analytics
  • How Google Analytics works?
  • Accounts, profiles, and usersNavigating
  • Google Analytics

Content Performance Analysis

  • Pages and Landing Pages
  • Event Tracking and AdSense
  • Site Search

Visitors Analysis

  • Unique visitors
  • Geographic and language information
  • Technical reports
  • Benchmarking

Social media analytics

  • Facebook insights
  • Twitter analytics
  • Youtube analytics
  • Social Ad analytics /ROI measurement

Goals & Ecommerce Tracking

  • Setting up goals
  • Goal reports
  • Ecommerce tracking

Actionable Insights and the Big Picture

  • Recap of Google Analytics reports and tools
  • Finding actionable insights
  • Getting the organization involved
  • Creating a data-driven culture
  • Resources
  • Common mistakes analysts make
  • Additional Web analytics tools

Social CRM & Analysis

  • Radian6
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Workflow management
  • Text analytics


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