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Vskills certified junior arc welder Table of Content

Table of Content

Material Preparation Method

  • Importance of Cleaning
  • Methods of Cleaning
  • Basic electricity as applied to welding
  • The law States
  • Arc length and its effects
  • Arc length
  • Long arc
  • Polarity in DC Arc Welding
  • Basic welding methods
  • Edge Preparation
  • Types of edge Preparation and Setup
  • Arc welding Electrodes
  • Types of flux Coating
  • Cellulosic Electrode
  • Rutile electrodes
  • Basic or hydrogen –Controlled electrodes
  • Iron Powder electrodes
  • Composition/characteristics flux
  • Arc stabilizing substances
  • Stag forming Substances
  • Fixing /cleaning Substances
  • Gas Forming Substances
  • Binding and plasticizing substances
  • Purpose or function of flux coating
  • Mid steel electrode
  • Special purpose electrodes
  • Deep penetration electrodes
  • Cutting and gauging electrodes
  • Underwater welding and cutting electrodes
  • Low hydrogen electrodes

Defects in arc welding-its effects

  • Distortion and its control
  • Cause of distortion

Advantages and disadvantages of Ac and DC welding

  • Disadvantages of AC Welding
  • Advantages of DC Welding
  • Inspection of Weld (NDT) – Visual inspection
  • Necessity of inspection
  • Types of tests
  • Visual inspection (non-destructive test)
  • Visual inspection before welding
  • Testing of welds
  • Checkpoints for inspection
  • Methods of Non-Destructive tests


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