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Telecom Management Table of Content

Table of Content

Session 1: Telecom Industry Overview

Session 2: Telecom Fundamentals

Session 3: Telecom Consumer Products

Session 4: Basics of Telecom Marketing

Session 5: Telecom Retail

Session 6: Marketing Vs Other functions

Session 7: Account Manager

Session: 8 Marcom in Telecom

Session 9: Operations V/S Other Functions

Session 10: Contact Centre Operations

Session 11: Training & Audit

Session 12: Billing, Collection & Retention

Session 13: Technical Team

Session 14: Network Team

Session 15: OSS and BSS Team

Session 16: VAS Team

Session 17: R & D Team

Session 18: Basics of Managing Accounts and Finances

Session 19: Finance Team & Its Roles

Session 20: Legal & Regulatory Affairs

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