Talent Acquisition Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. What does the human resource strategy provides?

A. Linkage between human resource function and business goal for a company

B. Linkage between employees and competitive advantage for a firm

C. Linkage between hiring manager and employee in an organization

D. Policies and procedures for the organization

2. What does talent management encompasses?

A. cultural norms

B. programs

C. processes

D. All of these

3. Who coined the term 'talent management'?

A. Heckman 

B. Lewis

C. McKinsey & Company

D. None of these

4. Which stage of evolution of talent management, the HR department now became more than a business function?

A. Stage 1

B. Stage 2

C. Stage 3

D. All of these

5. Which process enlists hiring targets for the year?

A. Performance Management

B. Onboarding

C. Workforce Planning

D. Training and Performance Support

Answers: 1. (A), 2. (D), 3. (C), 4. (B), 5. (C)

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