Nessus Scanner Certification Table of Contents

Table of Content


Welcome to the Course

  • Introduction and the Why You Need This Course

Setting Up the Laboratory

  • Installing Our Practice Lab
  • Getting Nessus Essentials/PRO

Basics of Vulnerability Analysis

  • Everything Theory of Vulnerability Assessment in One Video
  • Prerequisite: Passive Information Gathering (Don't Skip)
  • Prerequisite: Active Information Gathering (Don't Skip)
  • Manual Vulnerability Assessment Without Using Any Tool

Each Tab of Nessus In-Depth

  • Let's Get an 10,000 Foot Overview of Nessus
  • How to Use Folders of Nessus (My Scans, All Scans, and Trash)
  • Practical: Running a Basic Nessus Scan on a Real Machine
  • Practical: Host Discovery Scan and OS Identification Scan
  • How to use Resources of Nessus (Policies and Plugin Rules)
  • How to Use Settings of Nessus
  • See How I Analyze Results of a Done Nessus Scan (Nobody Will Teach You This!)

Nessus for Real-Life Scenarios

  • How to Use Nessus Policies (Reusable Scans)
  • How to Use Compliance Templates
  • How to Use Web Application Scanner
  • How to Do Authenticated (Credentialed) Scans
  • Vulnerability Scanning with Metasploit
  • Nmap and VEGA Tutorial - Alternative to Nessus but Free
  • The Amazing Nessusd.Rules File Nobody Explains
  • 4 Nessus PRO ONLY Features You Should Know

Writing Fully Custom Reports

  • Creating a Real VA Project Worksheet (With FILES)

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