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  • Duration: 60 minutes
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  • Maximum marks: 50, Passing marks: 25 (50%).
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  • Online exam.

Benefits of Certification

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Nessus is a widely used vulnerability scanner developed by Tenable Network Security. It's designed to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security issues in networks, systems, applications, and devices. Nessus performs scans, detects weaknesses, and provides reports that help organizations prioritize and remediate security threats effectively.

Note: Please note that the course comes with online e-learning (videos) only. No hard copy will be provided.

Why should one take Nessus Scanner Certification?

Nessus Scanner assists organizations in identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, reducing the attack surface, and improving overall security posture.

Nessus Scanner helps in checking systems against compliance standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and CIS benchmarks, ensuring adherence to security and regulatory requirements.

The Vskills Nessus scanner certification attests to your understanding and applying skills and knowledge in Nessus for conducting comprehensive vulnerability assessments and helps you to stand out amongst your peers to help in gaining better career prospects.

Who will benefit from taking Nessus Scanner Certification?

Cybersecurity professionals, system administrators, network security analysts, security engineers and penetration testers will benefit immensely by opting for Vskills Certificate in Nessus Scanner to gain an edge in Nessus and be noticeable amongst their colleagues as well as make progress in their respective careers.

Students taking the certification also gain by showcasing their understanding of Nessus Scanner and are able to increase their job opportunities.

Nessus Scanner Table of Contents


Nessus Scanner Practice Questions


Nessus Scanner Interview Questions


Companies that hire Nessus Scanner Professionals

IT security firms, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), financial institutions, healthcare providers, large enterprises and corporations are constantly hiring skilled Nessus professional. Companies employing Nessus Scanner professionals include Google, TCS, Accenture, IBM, Tech Mahindra, GE, Amex, Deloitte, Wipro, etc.

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Welcome to the Course

  • Introduction and the Why You Need This Course

Setting Up the Laboratory

  • Installing Our Practice Lab
  • Getting Nessus Essentials/PRO

Basics of Vulnerability Analysis

  • Everything Theory of Vulnerability Assessment in One Video
  • Prerequisite: Passive Information Gathering (Don't Skip)
  • Prerequisite: Active Information Gathering (Don't Skip)
  • Manual Vulnerability Assessment Without Using Any Tool

Each Tab of Nessus In-Depth

  • Let's Get an 10,000 Foot Overview of Nessus
  • How to Use Folders of Nessus (My Scans, All Scans, and Trash)
  • Practical: Running a Basic Nessus Scan on a Real Machine
  • Practical: Host Discovery Scan and OS Identification Scan
  • How to use Resources of Nessus (Policies and Plugin Rules)
  • How to Use Settings of Nessus
  • See How I Analyze Results of a Done Nessus Scan (Nobody Will Teach You This!)

Nessus for Real-Life Scenarios

  • How to Use Nessus Policies (Reusable Scans)
  • How to Use Compliance Templates
  • How to Use Web Application Scanner
  • How to Do Authenticated (Credentialed) Scans
  • Vulnerability Scanning with Metasploit
  • Nmap and VEGA Tutorial - Alternative to Nessus but Free
  • The Amazing Nessusd.Rules File Nobody Explains
  • 4 Nessus PRO ONLY Features You Should Know

Writing Fully Custom Reports

  • Creating a Real VA Project Worksheet (With FILES)

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