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Every organization procures goods or services, to provide end product or services to its customers.

The role of managing procurement is a complex one, which demands a wide range of business skills and commercial expertise to succeed. Procurement professionals aim to maximize the value of what the business procures.

Learn & Study

  • Procurement Management
  • Cost and Value Analysis System
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Purchase Management System
  • Vendor Management
  • Materials Planning
  • Materials Budgeting
  • Material Classification, Standardization and Codification
  • Material Handling
  • Stores Management and Warehousing
  • Quality Management
  • Legal Framework

Why should I take Procurement Management Professional certification?

The Vskills Procurement Manager provides a platform to professionals and students to showcase their skills in procurement management, the certification also helps candidates to enhance their skills in procurement management.

Who will benefit from taking this certification?

The certifications is a must for professionals , managers, senior executives working in procurement or purchase function of organization, to move up the career ladder and demonstrate their expertise in procurement management.

Procurement Management Professional Table of Contents


Procurement Management Professional Practice Test


Procurement Management Tutorials


Procurement Management Interview Questions


Companies that hire Procurement Management Professionals

There is a good demand for certified procurement managers in different logistics and transportation companies.

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Procurement Management

  • What is Procurement Management
  • The Procurement Process
  • Make or Buy Analysis
  • Supplier Management
  • Contract Basics
  • Global Sourcing
  • E-procurement

Cost and Value Analysis System

  • Value Analysis
  • Tools for Value Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Cost Analysis Techniques

Negotiation Skills

  • Basic Approaches for Negotiation
  • Strategy and Planning for Negotiation
  • Tactics of Effective Negotiation

Purchase Management System

  • What is Purchasing
  • Purchase Department
  • Methods of Purchasing
  • Purchasing Performance
  • JIT Purchasing

Vendor Management

  • System of Vendor Evaluation
  • Parameters for Evaluation of Vendors Performance
  • Social Audit
  • Tender and Negotiation Guidelines
  • Purchase Review

Materials Planning

  • Materials Planning Need
  • Factors Affecting Materials Planning
  • Tools of Materials Planning
  • Principles and Procedure for Materials Planning
  • MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
  • MRP Processing
  • Other Planning Techniques

Materials Budgeting

  • Materials Budgeting Concepts
  • Materials Budgeting and Accounting

Material Classification, Standardization and Codification

  • Material Classification
  • Value Analysis and Material Classification
  • Material Codification Concepts
  • Material Codification Systems
  • Material Standardization
  • Material Simplification
  • Levels of Standardization

Material Handling

  • Material Handling Basics
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Containerization
  • Waste Management - Surplus and Obsolete
  • Damage and Pilferage
  • Cost Analysis

Stores Management and Warehousing

  • Stores Functions and Objectives
  • Types of Stores
  • Stores Layout and Storage
  • Successful Store-Keeping Factors
  • Warehousing
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Warehouse Operating Principles
  • Warehouse Strategy
  • Planning Warehouse Distribution
  • Warehouse Layout
  • Automatic Warehousing
  • Schemes of Automatic Warehousing
  • Stock Keeping and Accounting

Quality Management

  • Quality Basics
  • Product vs Service Quality
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Management Methods
  • TQM
  • Six Sigma
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Double and Multiple Sampling

Legal Framework

  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872
  • The Sales of Goods Act, 1930

Future Developments

  • Procurement Future Trends
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Procurement Automation
  • Big Data and Procurement
  • Material Management Trends
  • RFID and Material Management
  • Material Management and Big Data

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