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Containers provide portable environments for hosting an application, or parts of an application. Docker is a set of platform as a service products that use OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers. Containers are isolated from one another and bundle their own software, libraries and configuration files; they can communicate with each other through well-defined channels.
Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating computer application deployment, scaling, and management.

This certification covers the popular container platform and their management - Kubernetes and Docker.

Note: Please note that the course comes with online e-learning (videos) only. No hard copy will be provided.

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of Linux Command line

Why should one take Kubernetes and Docker certification?

Kubernetes and Docker are the de facto technology for containers and their management. They have gained popularity with the rise in cloud computing, virtualization and anything-as-a-service.

The certification covers

  • Container Basics
  • Docker, Dockerfiles and Docker Compose files
  • Docker CLI
  • Containerize and deploy web applications
  • Docker Swarm Cluster
  • Kubernetes
  • Single node Kubernetes cluster using Minikube
  • Multi-node cluster on Cloud using Kubeadm
  • Deploy, Scale, Update, Schedule containers with advanced Kubernetes orchestration options
  • Containerize and Deploy multi-tier applications
  • On-premise vs Kubernetes as a managed service
  • Google Kubernetes Engine and Azure Container Service

Who will benefit from taking Kubernetes and Docker certification?

The certification is apt for professionals and senior executives in IT management or administration with emphasis on containerization and cloud computing.

Kubernetes and Docker Table of Contents


Kubernetes and Docker Practice Questions


Kubernetes and Docker Interview Questions


Companies that hire Kubernetes and Docker Professionals 

Kubernetes and Docker professionals are in great demand, top companies are looking for professionals having such skills. Companies constantly hiring such professionals include, TCS, Accenture, IBM, CRISIL, Capgemini, IBM, Wipro, Dell etc.

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Introduction to Container

  • Making a Web Application
  • A Forest of Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Hello Containers
  • Hello Docker!

Docker Architecture and Dockerfiles

  • Stages of Containerization
  • Working of Docker
  • A Quick Look at the Format of a Dockerfile

Docker Images and Containers

  • Understanding Docker Images
  • Working with Docker Images
  • Container lifecycle

Docker Networks

  • Multi-container Applications and Introduction to Networking in Docker
  • Container Networking Model (CNM) of Docker
  • Docker's Native Network Drivers
  • Demo: Creating Docker Networks
  • Ping One Container from another

Storage with Docker

  • Never Lose a "Bit" of Your Data
  • Working with Volumes
  • Bind Mounts

Docker Compose

  • Docker Compose
  • Structure and Setting up Docker Compose

Container Orchestration with Docker Swarm.

  • Introduction to Container Orchestration and Docker Swarm
  • Handling Swarm Failure

Introduction to Kubernetes

  • What about the More Popular One?
  • Kubernetes: An Origin Story
  • Kubernetes: Architecture

Understanding Container Orchestration with Pods

  • What are Pods?
  • Operating Kubernetes
  • Working with Pods
  • Lifecycle of a Pod
  • Labels, Selectors, and Namespaces

Kubernetes Workloads

  • Kubernetes Controllers – Concept and Types
  • ReplicaSets
  • Introduction to Deployments
  • Introduction to Jobs

Networking and Storage with Kubernetes

  • Introduction to Services and Service Types
  • ClusterIP Services and NodePort Services
  • Storage in Kubernetes

Advanced Orchestration with Kubernetes

  • Node Eviction from a Kubernetes Cluster
  • Taints and Tolerations

Managed Kubernetes as a Service on the Cloud.

  • Setting up a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Cluster
  • Persistent Volume and Load Balancing on GKE
  • Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Docker GUI with Kitematic
  • Minikube

Serverless Kubernetes

  • Introduction to Serverless Kubernetes

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