Kubernetes and Docker Table of Contents

Table of Content


Introduction to Container

  • Making a Web Application
  • A Forest of Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Hello Containers
  • Hello Docker!

Docker Architecture and Dockerfiles

  • Stages of Containerization
  • Working of Docker
  • A Quick Look at the Format of a Dockerfile

Docker Images and Containers

  • Understanding Docker Images
  • Working with Docker Images
  • Container lifecycle

Docker Networks

  • Multi-container Applications and Introduction to Networking in Docker
  • Container Networking Model (CNM) of Docker
  • Docker's Native Network Drivers
  • Demo: Creating Docker Networks
  • Ping One Container from another

Storage with Docker

  • Never Lose a "Bit" of Your Data
  • Working with Volumes
  • Bind Mounts

Docker Compose

  • Docker Compose
  • Structure and Setting up Docker Compose

Container Orchestration with Docker Swarm

  • Introduction to Container Orchestration and Docker Swarm
  • Handling Swarm Failure

Introduction to Kubernetes

  • What about the More Popular One?
  • Kubernetes: An Origin Story
  • Kubernetes: Architecture

Understanding Container Orchestration with Pods

  • What are Pods?
  • Operating Kubernetes
  • Working with Pods
  • Lifecycle of a Pod
  • Labels, Selectors, and Namespaces

Kubernetes Workloads

  • Kubernetes Controllers – Concept and Types
  • ReplicaSets
  • Introduction to Deployments
  • Introduction to Jobs

Networking and Storage with Kubernetes

  • Introduction to Services and Service Types
  • ClusterIP Services and NodePort Services
  • Storage in Kubernetes

Advanced Orchestration with Kubernetes

  • Node Eviction from a Kubernetes Cluster
  • Taints and Tolerations

Managed Kubernetes as a Service on the Cloud

  • Setting up a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Cluster
  • Persistent Volume and Load Balancing on GKE
  • Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Docker GUI with Kitematic
  • Minikube

Serverless Kubernetes

  • Introduction to Serverless Kubernetes

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