Key Accounts Manager Table of Contents

Table of Content


Key Account Management Basics

  • What is a Key Account?
  • What is Key Account Management?
  • Why Key Account Management?
  • Key Account Management vs Sales
  • Advantages of Key Account Management
  • The KAM Model
  • Key Account Management Process
  • Key Account Management Levels
  • Best Practices for KAM

Key Account Selection

  • Why to Select Key Accounts?
  • How Many Key Accounts?
  • Identifying Customers
  • Choosing Selection Criteria
  • Applying Selection Criteria
  • Categorizing Key Customers

Key Account Development

  • Understanding the Customer
  • Selecting the Relationship Level
  • Key Customer Contacts
  • Building Key Relationships
  • Managing Key Relationships
  • Relationship Traps

Key Account Strategy

  • Land and Expand Strategy
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Adding Value
  • DMU Analysis

Relationship Management

  • What is a Key Relationship?
  • The Key Relationship’s Hierarchy
  • Exploratory Relationship
  • Basic Relationship or Bow-Tie Account Management
  • Cooperative Relationship or One-on-Many Account Management
  • Interdependent Relationship or Cotton-Reel Account Management
  • Integrated Relationship or Diamond Team Account Management
  • Relationship Breakdown

Negotiation Skills

  • Negotiation Basics
  • Preparing for the Negotiation Process
  • The Seven Basic Steps in Negotiation
  • Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
  • Tactics for Negotiation Process
  • International Negotiations
  • Listening Skills
  • Vocal Skills
  • Influencing and Persuasion Techniques
  • Cultivating Problem Solving Skills
  • Time and Stress Management Techniques

KAM Key Metrics

  • Pestle Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • The Balanced Scorecard
  • Financial Measures
  • KPI
  • KPIs for KAM

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