Jira Certification Table of Contents

Table of Content


Jira Concepts

  • What is Jira?
  • Basics of Agile Methodology
  • Key Agile Terms You'll Find in Jira
  • Jira Terms You Need to Know
  • Getting Familiar with Jira's Interface

What Is Jira?

  • Projects Keep Your Work Organized
  • Creating an Account with Atlassian
  • Project Creation and Management
  • Schemes, Screens, Workflows, and Permissions

Work Items in Jira

  • Epics, Stories, Bugs, and Tasks
  • Issue Type Attributes, Adding, and Removing Them
  • Managing the Items in Your Backlog
  • Creating and Configuring Your Board

Running Your Project in Jira

  • Creating and Starting a Sprint
  • The Daily Scrum
  • Smaller Stories or Tasks?
  • Closing the Sprint — the Sprint Report

Reporting in Jira

  • Versions and Releases
  • Burndown Report
  • Sprint Report
  • Velocity Chart
  • Release and Epic Burndowns
  • Version and Epic Reports

Searching and Filtering on Issues in Jira

  • Issue Searching Using JQL
  • Saving and Managing Filters
  • Executing Bulk Changes
  • Creating New Boards from Saved Filters

Dashboards and Widgets in Jira

  • Creating and Managing Dashboards
  • Adding Gadgets to Your Dashboard
  • Sharing Your Dashboard

Using Team-Managed Projects

  • Team-Managed Projects vs Company-Managed Projects
  • Creating a Team-Managed Project
  • Navigating Team-Managed Projects
  • Creating Issues in Team-Managed Projects
  • Customizing Team-Managed Projects

Using Company-Managed Projects

  • Creating a Company-Managed Project
  • Navigating Company-Managed Projects
  • Creating a New Scrum Board
  • Scrum Agile Board Overview
  • Customizing Scrum Boards
  • Continuing to Customize Our Scrum Board
  • Creating a New Kanban Board
  • Kanban Agile Board Overview
  • Customizing Kanban Boards
  • Creating Issues
  • Overview of the Issue Detail View
  • Creating Filters
  • Using Dashboards
  • Sharing Filters
  • Reports in Jira
  • Roadmaps in Jira
  • Bulk Creating Issues
  • Bulk Editing Issues

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