Interviewing and Hiring Table of Content

Table of Content

Strategic Staffing

  • What is Strategic Staffing?
  • Comparison between Strategic and Traditional Staffing
  • Components of Strategic Staffing
  • Goals of Strategic Staffing
  • Functional Areas of HRM

Staffing Strategies

  • Business Strategies of a Firm
  • Talent Management
  • Strategic Staffing Decision

Interviewing Basics

  • What is a Interview
  • Interview Types
  • Why to Interview

Interviewing Biases

  • The Confirmation Bias
  • The First Impression Bias
  • The Halo and Horn Effect
  • The Contrast Bias
  • Ways to Become an Honest and Objective Interviewer

Screening Applicants

  • Understanding Screening
  • Why to Screen
  • CV or Resumes Screening
  • Application Form or Resumes
  • Rating Resumes
  • Relevance of Job Description
  • Identifying Red Flags during Screening
  • Best Practices

Preparing to Interview

  • Planning for the Interview
  • Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid
  • Active Listening
  • Taking Notes
  • Unfair Practices

Conducting an Effective Interview

  • Opening Effectively
  • The Right Questions
  • Conducting the Interview
  • Close an Interview Effectively

Behavioral Interview

  • Behavioral-based Interviewing
  • Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Preparing and Conducting a behavioral interview
  • Developing Behavioral-based Questions
  • The STAR Method
  • BARS (Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales)
  • Applying Behavioral Questions

Selecting the Right Candidate

  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Checking Candidates' References
  • Offering the Job

Group Interviewing

  • What is a Group Interview?
  • Benefits and Disadvantages
  • Types of Group Interviews
  • Why to use Group Interview?
  • Skills to Assess in a Group Interview
  • Group Interview Questions
  • Tips for successful group interviews

Assessing Skills and Competencies

  • Assessment Methods
  • Assessing Soft Skills
  • Assess Planning Skills
  • Assess Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Assess Interpersonal Skills

Interviewing Trends and Future

  • Emerging Trends
  • Video Interviews
  • Social Recruiting
  • Recruitment Automation
  • Data-driven recruiting and HR Analytics
  • Virtual Reality
  • Gig Economy
  • Artificial Intelligence


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