Inbound Marketing Master Table of Contents

Table of Content


1. Attracting your potential customers into conversion funnel

1.1 Various ways to build reach through Digital Marketing

1.2 What are Engagement Magnets?

1.3 How to identify right set of engagement magnets for your business?

1.4 Effectiveness of various Engagement Magnet

1.5 Digital Reach Building Strategy through Inbound Interest Generation


2. Converting your prospects into leads using emails

2.1 What is Audience aggregation?

2.2 Benefits of Audience Aggregation 

2.3 How to do Audience Aggregation through Emails


3. Landing page

3.1 Conversion Oriented Landing Page Design

3.2 Investment in Landing Page

3.3 Is it for me?

3.4 What is it?

3.5 Critical concerns to address on landing page

3.6 What's the next step


4. Conversion Optimization

4.1 Role of Conversion

4.2 Understanding Customer Psyche

4.3 Conversion Optimization User Flow and Persuasion

4.4 Online Persuasion

4.5 True meaning of Landing Page 

4.6 User Flow and Online Persuasion


5. Conversion Optimization Patterns for Engaging website Visitors

5.1 Patterns for Engaging Website Visitors

5.2 Pattern#1 Pop-Ups

5.3 Pattern#2 Pop Under Call to Action

5.4 Pattern#3 - Inside Article CTA


6. Life Cycle Emails

6.1 Life Cycle Emails: What and Why?

6.2 Lead Nurturing with Drip Email Marketing: How?


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