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HR Generalist Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. Which of the following external factors includes age and education of an individual as a parameter for influencing an organization?

A. Demographic factors

B. Political factors

C. Technological factors

D. Cultural factors

2. An organization acquires competitive edge over other because of its __________.

A. Owners

B. Employees

C. Customer

D. Competitors

3. Which one of the following functions is not a part of managerial functions of HRM?

A. Planning

B. Organization

C. Staffing

D. Compensation

4. HRM is the prime concern of __________.

A. Human resource manager

B. Personnel manager

C. All managers in the organization

D. Procurement of finance

5. HRM does not deal with __________.

A. Procurement of human resource

B. Development of human resource

C. Maintenance of human resource

D. Procurement of finance

Answers: 1. (A), 2. (B), 3. (D), 4. (C), 5. (D)

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