Gatling Certification Table of Contents

Table of Content


Introduction to Gatling

  • Gatling Introduction

Gatling Installation and Using the Gatling Recorder

  • Install Gatling Through Website Download
  • Gatling Recorder Overview
  • Record User Journey and Convert to Gatling Script
  • Execute First Gatling Script

Dependency Installation and Gatling Project Configuration

  • Overview of Application Under Test
  • Gatling Development Prerequisites
  • Set Up Gatling Development Project
  • Write Your First Gatling Script

Gatling Script Fundamentals

  • Add Pause Time
  • Check Response Code
  • Check Response Body
  • Extract Data from Response
  • Debug Session Variables
  • Code Reuse in Gatling
  • Looping HTTP Calls
  • Authenticating in Gatling

Gatling Feeders

  • CSV Feeder
  • Basic Custom Feeder
  • Complex Custom Feeder
  • Templating Files in Gatling

Load Simulation Design

  • Basic Load Simulation
  • Ramp Users Load Simulation
  • Fixed Duration Load Simulation

Execution from the Command Line

  • Running Gatling from the Command Line
  • Runtime Parameters in Gatling

Putting it all Together

  • Challenge Template
  • Final Challenge Solution

Test Monitoring and Reporting

  • Monitoring Test Executions
  • Gatling Test Results Report

Gatling with Continuous Integration Tools

  • CI with Gatling Overview
  • GitHub Repository Setup
  • Jenkins Setup
  • Jenkins First Gatling Test
  • Triggering New Jenkins Tests
  • Jenkins Parameters for Gatling Tests
  • Failing a Jenkins Build with Assertions
  • Travis CI with Gatling
  • Travis CI Environment Variables for Gatling Tests

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