Front-End Web Developer Table of Contents

Table of Content

Introduction to Modern Web Design and Development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Getting Started with the Course and HTML Code
  • Create Your Web Environment and Start Coding
  • How to Create Your First HTML Page HTML Coding Beginners
  • What is an HTML Element; How HTML Works with HTML Samples
  • Start with HTML Headings Common Tags HTML
  • Create HTML Self-Closing Tags and How They Work
  • Setting Element Attributes in HTML Code
  • How to Create Links HTML Hyperlinks HTML Links Anchor Tag
  • Adding Images to HTML Pages
  • HTML Lists Adding Content Lists with HTML Lists
  • What Are HTML Tables and How to Use Tables to Present Readable Content
  • HTML5 New Semantic Elements Meaning in the Element Tag Name
  • How to Create a Simple HTML Webpage
  • HTML Online Create a GitHub Page Create Your First Webpage on GitPages

Style Your Webpages with Cascading Style Sheets

  • Introduction to Getting Started with CSS
  • Adding Styling to Your HTML with CSS Code for Beginners
  • Styling Overview Get Styling with CSS
  • Colors Background and Font Color with CSS Update HTML Element Colors
  • What Is the CSS Box Model - Box Model Border Padding Margin
  • Text Options with CSS Code Setting Properties and Value to Transform Text
  • Adding Fonts and Font Styles to Your Webpage Elements with CSS
  • Link States Pseudo-Classes Setting Different States with CSS
  • How to Set Display Properties for Page Elements CSS Styling Code Examples Inline
  • CSS Position Static Relative Fixed Absolute Sticky Examples
  • CSS Float Setting Floats in CSS Setting Left Right and None Clearing Floats
  • More Useful CSS Properties such as z-index, outline, overflow, max-width, and More
  • CSS Combinators to Select Elements from Your HTML Page Options and Examples
  • Examples of Common CSS Pseudo Elements firstLetter firstLine After Adding Content
  • How to Create a Simple CSS Styled Website Responsive Website CSS Float
  • Creating a Responsive Website with CSS Flexbox Setup Three Column Design Site Example
  • How to Create a Fully Responsive Website with CSS Grid Modern Web Design CSS

Getting Started with JavaScript

  • Introduction to Coding JavaScript Making Pages Interactive
  • Getting Started with JavaScript Introduction to JavaScript Code with Examples
  • How to Set Up Your Live Server Local Web Design Setup for HTTP Local Pages
  • JavaScript Variables Let and Const and How to Assign Values to Declare Variables
  • What Are JavaScript Data Types and How to Set Datatypes Basic Data Types of Strings
  • JavaScript Objects and Arrays to Store Multiple Values in the Same Variable
  • Examples of Operators in JavaScript Code and How Operators Work
  • What JavaScript Functions Are and How to Pass Arguments into a Function and Return
  • JavaScript Conditions Applying Logic in Code in JavaScript Example
  • Adding Loops to Your JavaScript Code with Examples of Loop Methods

JavaScript and the DOM Document Object Model (DOM)

  • Introduction to JavaScript DOM with Coding Examples
  • Introduction to the DOM and the DOM Tree with JavaScript
  • Element Selection from Webpages with JavaScript Code Examples
  • JavaScript Element Manipulation DOM Select and Update Your Page Elements with Code
  • How to Set Styling Attributes with JavaScript Code - Update Webpage Elements
  • DOM and Form Elements Getting Values from Input Fields with JavaScript Code
  • DOM Element Event Listeners Create Interactive Webpages with JavaScript
  • How to Add Event Listeners to Your Webpage Elements with JavaScript Code
  • Setting Page Event Listener for DOM Content Loaded and keyup and keydown Events
  • How to Create Page Elements with JavaScript Code
  • Update Element Position and Move Page Elements with JavaScript Code
  • How to Add Animation to Your Webpage

How to Create a Modern Website from Scratch – Responsive Web Design

  • Creating a Website from Scratch
  • Website from Scratch with Floats
  • Editor Setup and Code
  • HTML Structure Tags
  • Create an HTML Page
  • Use CSS to Design a Responsive NavBar for the Website
  • Add Google Fonts Select from Web Fonts CSS Web Design
  • How to Style Main Webpage Content Create Columns
  • How to Add Columns to Webpage Footer CSS Web Design Lesson
  • Add JavaScript for Navbar Functions

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