Financial Modeling Professional Table of Content

Table of Content


Introduction to financial statement analysis

  • Introduction to Profit and Loss Statement
  • Profit and Loss Model In Excel
  • Introduction To Balance Sheet
  • Introduction To Cash Flow Statement
  • Integrating Financial Statements Business Case
  • Steps To Create Integrated Financial Model
  • Creating A Layout For Integrated Model

Financial modeling basics

  • Excel Shortcuts
  • Referencing Framework In Excel
  • Custom Formatting In Excel
  • Business Modeling Basic Case
  • EMI Model
  • Understanding Integrated Valuation Case Study
  • Integrated Valuation Model Historical Statement - Profit & Loss
  • Integrated Valuation Model Historical Statement - Balance Sheet

Financial modeling- Drivers, Assumption sheet, Revenue & Cost buildups

  • Revenue Drivers
  • Cost Drivers
  • Balance Sheet Drivers
  • Building Assumption Numbers
  • Building Profit and Loss Assumption
  • Building Balance Sheet Assumptions
  • Revenue Buildup
  • Cost Buildup
  • Other Cost Buildup

Forecasting Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet

  • Projecting Profit &Loss
  • Projecting Balance Sheet
  • Asset Schedule
  • Financing Schedules
  • Modeling Cash Flow Statement

Circular referencing and macros

  • Understanding Circular References in Excel
  • A Short Case On Using Circular References To Update Interest Expense
  • Updating Interest Expense Using Circular References In The Integrated Valuation Model
  • Understanding Macros
  • Creating Custom Charts Using Macros
  • Breaking Circular References Using Macros Application In Finance

Integration of financial model & performing ratio analysis

  • Understanding the steps in integrated Financial Model
  • Profitability Ratios
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Other Ratios
  • Basics of Corporate Finance - (Time Value of Money, NPV and IRR)
  • Credit Risk Model (Array functions and Lookup functions in Excel)

Financial Modeling Valuation

  • Understanding the methodologies of Valuation
  • Free Cash Flows to the Firm (FCFF) and Equity (FCFE)
  • Calculating FCFF and FCFE
  • Understanding Cost of Equity using CAPM
  • Understanding Cost of Capital (WACC)
  • Understanding Terminal Value
  • Integrated Valuation Model Implementing Valuation by DCF

Financial Modeling Valuation (LinkedIn Case)

  • Basics
  • Revenue Build Up
  • Asset Schedule
  • Equity
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • Valuation
  • Analysis

Financial Modeling Analysis

  • Understanding Trading Comps
  • Understanding Transaction Comps
  • Important Points to Note while using Valuation through Comps
  • Integrated Valuation Model Comps
  • Using Excel Data Tables for Scenarios
  • Integrated Valuation Model Using Data Tables for Scenarios
  • Understanding Deferred Taxes
  • Implementing Depreciation using SLM & DDM
  • Implementing Deferred Taxes
  • Using User forms to create GUI in Excel

Financial Modeling Charting

  • Integrated Valuation Model Charting Football Field
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Waterfall Chart Revenue Recognition
  • Arranging Scroll Bars
  • Dupont Analysis
  • Sparklines Incell Charts Dashboard
  • Integrated Valuation Model - Dupont Analysis & MCS
  • Summarizing FM School

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