Express Framework Certification Table of Contents

Table of Content

Introduction to Node.js

  • Advantages of Node.js
  • Quick Summary and Limitations of Node.js
  • Install Node.js
  • What Is REPL Node.js
  • Asynchronous Node.js Demonstration setTimeout
  • Download and Install Visual Studio Code
  • Set Up the Node Web Server Root Directories
  • Build and Launch a Node Web Server
  • Request and Response Objects in Node.js
  • Requesting Web Server Data in Node with Curl
  • Responding with Multiple Endpoints in Node.js

Introduction to Node.js Filing System

  • Reading Files with Node.js
  • Writing and Appending Files with the File System Module
  • Deleting Files with Node.js
  • Exercise - Node File System HTTP Module
  • Solution - Node File System HTTP Module

Introduction to Express

  • Introduction to Express.js
  • What Is NPM Node Package Manager and How to Install Express
  • Spin Up Our First Web App with Express
  • Set Up Routes in Express
  • Building a Website with Form Data with Express.js
  • Handling POST Request in Express and Middleware

Express API Project from Scratch

  • What Is Postman and How to Install Postman
  • Setting Up the Express Local Environment
  • Spin Up a Web Server with Express.js
  • Write a Basic JSON of User Data
  • Retrieving API Data with Express
  • Retrieving API Data with Express with Postman
  • Error Handling with Retrieving Data in Express
  • POST Requests with API Data in Express
  • Code Clean Up and File Structures with Routes
  • Put Requests and Updating API with Express
  • Delete Request for APIs with Express

Templating Engines with Express.js

  • What Are Templating Engines and What Is Handlebars
  • Setting Up a Static Directory for Website with Handlebars
  • Configuring Views and Layouts with Express and Handlebars
  • Building Out a Static Page with Handlebars
  • Default Layout Property with Handlebars in Express
  • Building Partials with Handlebars in Express
  • Dynamic Variables and Helper Functions with Handlebars

Authenticating Username and Password with Express and Passport

  • Templating Engines with Express.js of Login with Express Authentication
  • Username and Password Local Strategy Code
  • Rerouting Application and Authentication
  • Import Additional Styles from CSS on GitHub
  • Verify Session with Passport Local Strategy
  • Logout Functionality for Users and Live Interaction
  • Signup Form and Styling with Express.js
  • Signup and Database Completion with Hashing and Salt


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