Event Management Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. Which of the following statements best describes the evolution of contemporary events?

A. They are a modern phenomenon, linked to an industrial society

B. They have their roots in ancient traditions and cultures

C. They first began to emerge from American business conventions

D. None of these


2. The events management body of knowledge

A. Aims to set out the skills and areas of knowledge needed by event managers

B. Describes the body of knowledge built up by academic researchers about event management

C. Is a guide for students of event management, designed by industry practitioners

D. None of these


3. In selecting projects, event managers must firstly be able to evaluate how they relate to

A. Strategic factors and overall feasibility Correct

B. Levels of staffing within the organisation

C. Prior experience of delivering similar projects

D. The activities of direct competitors


4. Which of the following statements is not a benefit of ticketing for event managers?

A. Revenue management Incorrect

B. Cost reduction

C. Customer expectation management

D. Crowd management


5. Mega-events can be split into three periods. These are:

A. Pre-event, event and post-event

B. Initial, immediate and legacy

C. Ante, peri and post

D. Micro, meso and macro


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