Ethereum Blockchain Development Certification Table of Contents

Table of Content


Introduction to the Course

  • Who Is This Ethereum Course For?
  • Course Structure - So You Get the Most Out of It

Remix IDE

  • Set Up Remix
  • Remix File Management
  • Starting, Stopping, and Interacting with Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain Basics
  • Read and Write to Smart Contract
  • Congratulations

[Project] The Blockchain Messenger

  • Overview
  • Booleans
  • (Unsigned) Integers
  • Integer Rollover - SafeMath
  • Strings and Bytes
  • Address Types
  • (Behind the Scenes) The Msg Object
  • Writing and Reading Functions - View Versus Pure
  • Understanding the Constructor
  • The Blockchain Messenger Implementation
  • Congratulations

[Project] Smart Money - Deposit and Withdrawals

  • Overview
  • Installing and Configuring Metamask
  • Get Free Ether and Send Transactions
  • (Behind the Scenes) Metamask
  • (Behind the Scenes) An Ethereum Transaction
  • (Behind the Scenes) Hashing
  • Cancel or Update Ethereum Transactions
  • Remix and the Injected Web3 Provider
  • The Payable Modifier and Msg.value
  • (The Fallback Functions) Fallback and Receive
  • The Smart Money Implementation
  • Congratulations

[Project] Smart Wallet

  • Overview
  • Solidity Mappings
  • Mappings: A Wallet Example
  • Structs Versus Child Contracts
  • Structs and Mappings
  • (Exceptions) Require
  • (Exceptions) Assert
  • Try/Catch in Solidity
  • Low-Level Solidity Calls In-Depth
  • The Smart Contract Wallet Implementation
  • Congratulations

[Project] ERC20 Token Sale

  • Overview
  • Web3.js Introduction
  • Understanding the ABI Array
  • Events as Return Variables
  • Metamask, Web3.js, and Event Listeners
  • (Behind the Scenes) Events
  • Modifiers and Inheritance
  • (Behind the Scenes) Modifiers
  • (Behind the Scenes) Reserved Keywords
  • Destroying Smart Contracts with Self-Destruct
  • Block Explorers and Source Code Verification
  • The ERC20 Token Explained
  • Implementing an ERC20 Token Sale
  • Congratulations

[Project] Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

  • Introduction to the NFT Project
  • Deploy ERC721 Token from OpenZeppelin as OpenSea NFT on Goerli Using Remix
  • How to Get Truffle Prerequisites on Your System for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Start a New Truffle Project Correctly and Understand the Folder Structure
  • Truffle Migrations and How to Run Them from the Command-Line Interface
  • Using the Truffle Console to Interact with Smart Contracts on All Networks
  • Write Your First Truffle Unit Test and Understand Advanced Event Assertions
  • Deploy a Smart Contract Using HDWallet Provider Versus Truffle Dashboard
  • Debug Smart Contracts #1: Using Console.Log Inside Solidity Using Ganache
  • Debug Smart Contracts #2: Using the Powerful Truffle Debugger and Chain Forking
  • Summary: Truffle and Smart Contract Development
  • ERC20 Versus ERC777 and ERC721 Versus ERC1155 Tokens Explained
  • Hardhat Setup and Configuration Overview
  • Deploying to Goerli with HardHat and Verifying Smart Contracts on Etherscan
  • Unit Testing with HardHat and Console.Log in Solidity
  • Installing and Configuring Foundry and Forge
  • Adding Our NFT Contract to Foundry
  • Writing Unit Tests for Foundry and Understanding VM Pranking
  • Deploy Smart Contracts Using Foundry Scripts and Seed Phrases with Verification
  • Outro and Thank You

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