Digital Currency and CBDC Certification Table of Contents

Table of Content

What are CBDCs - Central Bank Digital Currencies

  • What Exactly Are CBDCs?
  • CBDCs Are the Antithesis Of Decentralized Finance - Quick Note
  • Expanded Definition of CBDCs
  • Roots and Emergence of CBDCs
  • The Monetary Policy Agenda of CBDCs
  • Introduction to the Money Flower
  • Token Versus Account-Based Money Systems
  • General-Purpose Versus Wholesale-Only CBDCs
  • International Interest and Piloting for CBDCs
  • CBDCs Versus Crypto
  • CBDCs Versus Bitcoin - Pros and Cons

Business and Economic Implications of CBDCs

  • CBDC Global Adoption - China
  • CBDC Global Adoption - Sweden
  • CBDC Global Adoption - USA
  • CBDC Global Adoption - Canada
  • How Countries Are Adopting CBDCs - Case Study
  • The Future of CBDCs
  • Business Implications of CBDCs
  • Economic Implications of CBDCs
  • Potential Economic Benefits of CBDCs
  • Potential Business Risks of CBDCs
  • Potential Economic Risks of CBDCs

Separation Between State and Money - CBDCs Critical Analysis

  • Central Banks Motivation for CBDCs
  • The Disruption of the Western Monetary Model
  • The Role of Intermediaries in Private Banking Versus CBDCs
  • Political Objectives as a Backdoor System for Industrial Policies
  • The Influence of Political Factors and Fair Decision Making Policies
  • Quick Thought - Currency as a Political Instrument
  • Conclusion - Critical Transformations in the Global Financial Landscape


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