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Why should I take Apache CouchDB certification?

CouchDB is the database for web. It is a powerful system using JSON to store documents. JavaScript can also be used to index & transform documents using this amazing technology. CouchDB is one of the most effective tools to serve web apps across many devices and it is easy for beginners to learn and create solutions for the web.

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The certification is not approved by, accredited by, nor in any way endorsed by, the ASF (Apache Software Foundation).

How will I benefit from Apache CouchDB Certification?

Apache Couch Db as a career option is picking pace at a very fast pace. Apache Couch Db professionals are offered jobs in various data centers, software and IT infrastructure companies.Vskills certification for Apache CouchDB Professional assesses the candidate for couchDB database. The certification tests the candidates on various areas in Apache CouchDB which includes knowledge of installing, administering and developing applications utilizing the CouchDB.

Companies that hire Vskills Certified Apache CouchDB Professional

Vskills Certified Apache CouchDB Professional may  find employment in all kind of companies like Atos India, Wipro BPS, GE India, JP Morgan Chase, Philips Software India

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  • History of CouchDB
  • Overview of document-oriented databases
  • Components of CouchDB
  • Installation on linux operating system
  • Requirements for installation
  • Building from source code
  • Connecting to CouchDB without futon
  • Using CouchDB views
  • Using futon interface
  • Creating database and documents
  • Replication, compaction and bulk data handling
  • CouchDB and JSON
  • Using futon and permanent views
  • Views and CouchDB API
  • Aggregation, Ordering and filtering
  • Map/Reduce advantages
  • Interfacing with CouchDB and Futon
  • Performance monitoring
  • Backup and Security
  • Clustering, Fault tolerance and load balancing
  • Using CouchApp
  • Interfacing with programming languages and CMS

  • Describes the evolution of CouchDB
  • Overview of document-oriented databases and their need
  • Explains the various components of CouchDB
  • Describes the steps for installation of CouchDB on linux operating system
  • Explains the pre-requisites to be fulfilled for installation
  • Describes the procedure for building CouchDB from it’s source code
  • Explains various applications to connect to CouchDB
  • Describes views management commands for CouchDB
  • Illustrates the usage of futon interface and tools
  • Explains the procedure to create database and documents
  • Explains the process of implementing replication, compaction and bulk data import or export in CouchDB
  • Explains the usage of JSON in CouchDB for designing and defining documents and views
  • Explains the procedure of using futon for defining views and implementing permanent views
  • Illustrate the definition of views using the CouchDB API
  • Explains the aggregation functions, ordering and filtering results in view results
  • Explains the need and advantages of using Map/Reduce
  • Describes the steps to interface Map/Reduce with futon interface and CouchDB
  • Explains the use of performance monitoring in CouchDB by stats URI
  • Explains the implementation of backup and security in CouchDB
  • Describes configuration of CouchDB for clustering, fault tolerance and load balancing
  • Describes CouchApp usage for CouchDB applications
  • Explains the process of interfacing programming languages and CMS with CouchDB
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