Apache CouchDB

Apache CouchDB is open-source database software that focuses on ease of use and having a scalable architecture. We have list down some Interview questions on CouchDB which will help you to prepare for different IT interviews like, Fullstack Developer, Technical lead, technical manager, and data analyst etc.

Q.1 What are the key features of CouchDB?
The key features of CouchDB are -
1. JSON Documents – Everything stored in CouchDB boils down to a JSON document.
2. RESTful Interface – From creation to replication to data insertion, every management and data task in CouchDB can be done via HTTP.
3. N-Master Replication – You can make use of an unlimited amount of ‘masters’, making for some very interesting replication topologies.
4. Built for Offline – CouchDB can replicate to devices (like Android phones) that can go offline and handle data sync for you when the device is back online.
5. Replication Filters – You can filter precisely the data you wish to replicate to different nodes.
Q.2 What do you understand by Couchbase server?
Cloudbase server is primarily a NoSQL database that is faster, elastic, as well as easy to use. This is regarded as one of the finest oriented-database software package. This is considered for the collective application that has multiple uses and are widely adopted in the modern day approaches.
Q.3 Given an open source technology what are the other good things that you know about the Cloudbase?
Apart from being an open source technology, the Couchbase was released under Apache 2.0 license. Couchbase comes with a community and an enterprise edition with multiform capabilities that make it good enough to be considered for the long run.
Q.4 Is it important to create a data bucket in the system?
It is important to create a data bucket in the system. This is usually done as the server only prefers the data buckets when it comes to storing the data. When the server is installed, the default bucket gets created automatically.
Q.5 How do you define data manager in the Couchbase Server?
Data Manager in the Couchbase Server is a functional block with some useful applications. It is primarily responsible for the purpose of extracting, as well as storing the data from the applications. Data manager in the Couchbase Server is also responsible for other crucial tasks which it perform and without making an impact of the overall functionality of the software
Q.6 How do you define VBucket?
vBucket is defined as a logical ways of partitioning data due to the natural condition. Such that it is distributed over all the nodes in the clusters. The couchbase type bucket which gets designed in a group is split up automatically in a static group of slices after which, the buckets map to the individual server. VBuckets are designed and used to assign information more effectively.
Q.7 Define the strict upper limit on the storage capacity of a data bucket in Couchbase Server?
Each data bucket is having a limit of 20MB. Such that in case more storage is required, the same can be considered by talking the additional buckets into consideration.
Q.8 What are the elements present in Couchbase Node?
Each Couchbase Node contains four elements -
1. Index Service
2. Data Service
3. Cluster Manager component
4. Query Service
Q.9 What is data replication?
Data Replication is defined as a term that defines the same type of data is present at multiple locations in the server. Such that the same can put unnecessary burden on the performance and sometime, it takes additional cost for the organization.
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