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Dart is a client-optimized programming language for fast apps on multiple platforms. Now developers don't have to learn Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, or Swift to have their apps on Play Store or the App Store. While there are other frameworks for building cross-platform apps, Flutter excels by using a  great new language called Dart.

Why should one take Vskills Dart Professional Certification?

With Dart and Flutter, you will develop apps for both stores with just one codebase. It compiles apps into native code without webview. Apps made with Flutter are very fast because of their high rendering power. Hence, they feel super-smooth, thus providing rich user experience.

With this certification course, you will be able to build app layouts, create widget animations, pull and push data to servers, and compile and release code to both stores.

Who will benefit from taking Vskills Dart Professional Certification?

Professionals and Job seekers looking to find employment in mobile application development companies, students who want to learn Flutter using Dart and looking for employment should apply for this certification.

Dart Professional Table of Contents


Dart Professional Practice Test


Dart Professional Interview Questions


Companies that hire Vskills Dart Professional

There is a huge demand for DevOps professionals all across the globe. Companies like Google, TCS, Flipkart, Cognizant, IBM, Infosys, IBA etc are looking for certified professionals.

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Dart Professional Jobs

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Dart Professional Internships

Vskills runs its flagship internship programme where bright interns work with academic council, click to know more details..

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1. Getting Started with Flutter and Dart
  • Download, Install, and Set Up the Required Softwares
  • Set Up a Repository in GitLab
  • Initialize the Flutter App Using the Command-Line Tool

2. Build Your First App

  • Add a Basic Layout Using Layout Widgets
  • Build the Message Widgets

3. Add a Static List of Messages and Simulate Chat

  • Improve the Layout of Chat Messages
  • Simulate Sending a Message

4. Introduction to Firestore and Firebase Authentication

  • Adding a Firebase Cloud Firestore Database
  • Introduction to Firebase Authentication

5. Connect Your App with Firestore Authentication

  • Add Google Sign In to the App
  • Add Firestore Connection
  • Listing and Adding Messages
  • Adding a Contacts List
  • Adding a Friend
  • Use Firestore in ChatHistory
  • Cleaning the Codes
  • Putting the Application Together

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