Dart Professional Table of Content

Table of Content

1. Getting Started with Flutter and Dart

  • Download, Install, and Set Up the Required Softwares
  • Set Up a Repository in GitLab
  • Initialize the Flutter App Using the Command-Line Tool

2. Build Your First App

  • Add a Basic Layout Using Layout Widgets
  • Build the Message Widgets

3. Add a Static List of Messages and Simulate Chat

  • Improve the Layout of Chat Messages
  • Simulate Sending a Message

4. Introduction to Firestore and Firebase Authentication

  • Adding a Firebase Cloud Firestore Database
  • Introduction to Firebase Authentication

5. Connect Your App with Firestore Authentication

  • Add Google Sign In to the App
  • Add Firestore Connection
  • Listing and Adding Messages
  • Adding a Contacts List
  • Adding a Friend
  • Use Firestore in ChatHistory
  • Cleaning the Codes
  • Putting the Application Together

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