Dapp Certification Table of Contents

Table of Content


Introduction to DApps

  • What Is a DApp (Decentralized Application)
  • Introduction to Blockchain
  • Centralization Versus Decentralization

Introduction to the IDE Remix: Ethereum

  • Introduction to IDE (Remix: Ethereum)
  • Introduction to Text Editors
  • IDE Solidity Compiler and Deployer
  • Download Your First Text Editor
  • Overview On What Is a Smart Contract

Introduction to Solidity (Smart Contract Basics)

  • Create Your First Solidity File
  • Writing Comments in Solidity
  • Pragma Solidity
  • Pragma Solidity Version Conditions
  • Exercise - Solidity Operator Basics I
  • Smart Contract as Defined In Solidity
  • Create Your First Smart Contract!
  • Introduction to Variables (In Solidity)
  • Optional - General Introduction to Variables in Programming and Solidity
  • Introduction to Functions (Solidity)
  • '˜Public' Keyword (Solidity)
  • Exercise - Write the Shell of a Basic Function
  • Final - Simple Storage Contract
  • Solidity Compiling and Debugging Introduction
  • Deploy Your First Smart Contract (IDE - Remix: Ethereum)
  • Interacting (Transactions) with Smart Contracts
  • Exercise - Deploy a Smart Contract (Solidity)
  • Simple Storage Contract Solution

Build Your First Solidity DApp (Decentralized Application) from Scratch

  • Overview of Introductory-Level DApp Section
  • Review: Ide Remix: Ethereum
  • Creating Variables for the Will Smart Contract
  • Introduction to the Constructor Function in Solidity
  • Modifiers in Solidity
  • Introduction to Arrays and Objects
  • Mapping in Solidity (Key Store Value)
  • Exercise - setInheritance Function (Scoping and Argument)
  • setInheritance Function Recap (Address and Amount)
  • Introduction to For Loop in Solidity
  • Recap: Will Smart Contract (Steps So Far)
  • Oracle - isDeceased Function
  • Compiling and Deploying the Smart Contract
  • IDE: Deployment Review - Will Smart Contract
  • Interacting with the Blockchain and Oracle

Solidity and Smart Contract Glossary

  • Overview of Glossary Section
  • Solidity Address Variable Type
  • Solidity Mapping
  • Solidity Scoping with Variable
  • Global Variables in Solidity
  • Solidity Modifiers
  • Solidity Constructor
  • Blockchain Transactions
  • Returning Multiple Datatypes with Functions in Solidity
  • Destructuring and Multiple Returns from Functions in Solidity
  • Exercise - Destructuring and Multiple Returns from Functions in Solidity

Build a Basic Crypto Token (Solidity - Smart Contracts)

  • Crypto Token Contract Setup
  • Minting Function in Solidity
  • Send Tokens Function in Solidity
  • Review: ERC20 Contract Introduction
  • Deploy Your First Crypto Coin

Optional: OpenSea NFT Marketplaces and Collections (KryptoBirdz Case Study)

  • Introduction to NFT Marketplaces and Collections (KryptoBirdz Case Study) Part I
  • The Power of NFT Metadata and Properties
  • How to Read an NFT (KryptoBirdz Exercise)
  • Making NFTs Work for You (From Algorithms to Acrylic Paintings)

Blockchain Smart Contracts and DeFi Lectures

  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
  • Advanced - Introduction to Opcodes for the EVM
  • How Contract Storage Works with Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • How Blockchain Works
  • What Is Crypto Mining
  • What Are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  • Proof of Work Versus Proof of Stake

The DApplication Developer Environment (Complete Setup)

  • Overview of Yield Farming DApplication Development
  • Download and Install MetaMask.io
  • Install Ganache and Important Note
  • Hooking Up MetaMask to Ganache
  • Install Node js
  • Node Js Exercise I
  • Node Js Solution
  • Install Truffle Globally
  • Git Clone the Code Starter Project
  • Add Folders to the Project Directory
  • Install Dependencies and Project Overview

Truffle Configs and Migration Setups

  • Truffle Configurations (Network)
  • Building the Migration Contract
  • Migration Deployment Code
  • Tether Smart Contract Shell
  • Deployment Migration File
  • Truffle Compile
  • Exercise - Truffle Console

Advanced Solidity (ERC20 Token Functionality)

  • Transfer Event
  • The Event keyword in Solidity - Focused Study
  • Transfer and TransferFrom
  • Review - Token Smart Contract
  • Truffle Migrate - Upgrades and Console
  • Smart Contract Transactions Between Each other
  • Compiling, Debugging and Migrating Contracts

Smart Contract Debugging and Testing (Mocha and Chai) - Truffle and Solidity

  • Introduction to Mocha and Chai
  • Setting Up Solidity Truffle Tests
  • Anonymous Arrow Functions JavaScript - Focused Study
  • Assertions and Mocha/Chai Tests
  • Solidity Test Exercise I
  • Before Hook Solidity
  • Transfer Tokens Tests 1
  • Transfer Versus TransferFrom - Focused Study
  • Transfer Tokens Tests II

DApp Smart Contracts: Staking, Unstaking, and Rewards

  • Deposit Tokens Functionality
  • Staking Logic Exercise
  • Staking Logic Solution
  • Deposit Tokens Advanced Testing I
  • Full Test Review (Truffle and Mocha)
  • Issue Reward Tokens (Smart Contract)
  • Unstaking and Final Mocha Tests
  • Reward Scripts (Terminal Exec)

React Introduction (JavaScript, HTML, JSX, State, and Props)

  • Introduction to React
  • Let's Build Our First '˜Hello, World!'
  • HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap Basics
  • Basic In-Line Styling Example (React)
  • Bonus Exercise (Stylize the Landing Page)
  • Short Overview of Bootstrap Components
  • Building the DApp Navbar UI
  • React State and Props (Customer Account Number)

Web3 and Loading Blockchain Data (Frontend)

  • Web3 and Metamask
  • Web3 Docs
  • Front-End Blockchain Data
  • Loading Smart Contracts to the Frontend (Tether Mock)
  • Review - Loading Blockchain Data
  • Loading Blockchain Data Exercise I
  • Loading Blockchain Data Solution
  • Loading Tests - Blockchain Data

Front-End DApp Development (Web3, JavaScript, React)

  • What We Are Building (Smart Contract Front-End Implementation)
  • Building the Main Component UI
  • Quick Note on Bootstrap
  • Main Component Complete Layout
  • Loading Implementation (Frontend)
  • Connecting Balance from Smart Contracts to the Frontend
  • Staking Tokens (Frontend)
  • Unstaking Tokens Exercise
  • Unstaking Tokens Solution
  • Staking Button (Frontend)
  • Exercise - Unstaking Button (Frontend)
  • Solution - Unstaking Button (Frontend)
  • Final Recap on Front-End DApp Project

UI Animation - Additional Front-End Practice (Optional)

  • Particle Animation Wrapping Layer
  • Particle Animation Properties
  • Exercise - Particle Animation

Additional React and State Practice (Optional)

  • Airdrop Code Architecture
  • Airdrop Overview
  • JavaScript - Timer Conversion Function
  • Rendering the Timer State
  • Initializing Timer State (Frontend)
  • Implementing Countdown Timer
  • Hooking Up the Airdrop Implementation
  • Final Course Exercise (Airdrop: Reward Tokens) - Good Luck!

Build a Voting DApplication (Smart Contract and Blockchain Interaction)

  • Full Project DApp Review
  • Solidity Struct - (Data Types)
  • Arrays, Mapping, and Addresses
  • Memory Versus Storage and For Loop Review
  • Debugging, Compiling, and Deployment Test
  • Voting Authentication Function
  • The Vote Function
  • Voting Results Function
  • Converting Bytes with Node and Ethers
  • Final Deployment (Interacting Votes on the Blockchain)

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