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Why should I take Consumer Law Certification?

The Consumer law protects consumers from any kind of exploitation. It defines the consumer rights which protect him/her from being cheated. The certification will cover various areas in consumer acts, consumer protection councils, consumer disputes redressal agencies, state commission¸ national commission and miscellaneous matters.

How will I benefit from Consumer Law Certification?

Companies specializing in law or consumer affairs constantly hire skilled Consumer Law Professionals. Various public and private companies also need Consumer Law Professionals for their legal or consumer affairs departments.

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Vskills Certified Consumer Law Candidates will find employment in Top MNC's and organizations like KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, Accenture, DLF.

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Consumer and Consumer Law

  • Who is a Consumer?
  • Consumer Law Evolution
  • Consumer Protection Need and Evolution
  • Consumer Protection in India
  • International Consumer Protection

Consumer Acts

  • Consumer Protection in Sale of Goods
  • Objects and Reasons for Enactment of Consumer Protection Act, 1986
  • Statement of Objects and Reasons
  • Amendments to the Consumer Protection Act,1986
  • Constitutional Validity of Consumer Protection Act, 1986
  • Applicability of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986
  • Meanings of Different Words and Expressions used in the Act, section 2
  • Consumer Protection Act, not in Derogation of Other Law (Section 3) No bar to establish parallel forum

Consumer Protection Councils

  • Central Consumer Protection Council
  • Objects of Central Council
  • State Consumer Protection Councils
  • Objects of State Council
  • District Consumer Protection Council
  • Objects of District Council

Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies

  • Three Redressal Agencies

District Forum

  • Establishment of District Forum
  • Composition of District Forum
  • Transfer and Removal of President/Members of District Forum
  • Constitution of Consumer Forum
  • District Forum
  • Jurisdiction of District Forum
  • Manner of Marking Complaint (Section 12)
  • Procedure on Admission of Complaint (Section 13)
  • Finding of District Forum (Section 14)
  • Appeal (Section 15)

State Commission

  • Composition of State Commission (Section 16)
  • Jurisdiction of State Commission (Section 17)\
  • Transfer of Cases (Section 17 A)
  • Circuit Benches (Section 17 B)
  • Procedure Applicable to State Commission (Section 18)
  • Appeals (Section 19)
  • Hearing of Appeal (Section 19A)

National Commission

  • Composition of National Forum (Section 20)
  • Jurisdiction of National Commission (Section 21)
  • Power and Procedure of National Commission (Section 22)
  • Power to set-aside Ex President Order (Section 22A)
  • Power to Transfer Cases (Section 22B)
  • Circuit, Benches (Section 22 C)
  • Vacancy in the Office of President (Section 22D)
  • Appeal (Section 23)
  • Finality of Orders (Section 24)
  • Limitation Period (Section 24A)
  • Administrative Control (Section 24B)
  • Enforcement of Order of District Forum, State Commission or National Commission (Section 25)
  • Dismissal of Frivolous or Vexatious Complaints (Section 26)
  • Penalties (Section 27)
  • Appeal against Order Passed under section 27 (Section 27A)

Miscellaneous Matters

  • Action was taken in Good Faith (Section 28)
  • Service of Notice (Section 28A)
  • Power of Central Government to Remove Difficulties (Section 29)
  • Vacancies or Defects in Appointment not to Invalidate Order (Section 29A)
  • Power to make Rules (Section 30)
  • Power of National Commission to make Regulations (Section30A)
  • Rules and Regulations to be Laid before Each House of Parliament (Section31)

Specimen Forms of Complaints, Appeals and Revision before consumer Redressal Forum

Defenses to Consumer Complaints and Appeals

  • General Defense
  • Specific Defenses

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