Consumer Law Table of Contents

Table of Content


Consumer and Consumer Law

  • Who is a Consumer?
  • Consumer Law Evolution
  • Consumer Protection Need and Evolution
  • Consumer Protection in India
  • International Consumer Protection

Consumer Acts

  • Consumer Protection in Sale of Goods
  • Objects and Reasons for Enactment of Consumer Protection Act, 1986
  • Statement of Objects and Reasons
  • Amendments to the Consumer Protection Act,1986
  • Constitutional Validity of Consumer Protection Act, 1986
  • Applicability of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986
  • Meanings of Different Words and Expressions used in the Act, section 2
  • Consumer Protection Act, not in Derogation of Other Law (Section 3) No bar to establish parallel forum

Consumer Protection Councils

  • Central Consumer Protection Council
  • Objects of Central Council
  • State Consumer Protection Councils
  • Objects of State Council
  • District Consumer Protection Council
  • Objects of District Council

Consumer Disputes Redressal Agencies

  • Three Redressal Agencies

District Forum

  • Establishment of District Forum
  • Composition of District Forum
  • Transfer and Removal of President/Members of District Forum
  • Constitution of Consumer Forum
  • District Forum
  • Jurisdiction of District Forum
  • Manner of Marking Complaint (Section 12)
  • Procedure on Admission of Complaint (Section 13)
  • Finding of District Forum (Section 14)
  • Appeal (Section 15)

State Commission

  • Composition of State Commission (Section 16)
  • Jurisdiction of State Commission (Section 17)\
  • Transfer of Cases (Section 17 A)
  • Circuit Benches (Section 17 B)
  • Procedure Applicable to State Commission (Section 18)
  • Appeals (Section 19)
  • Hearing of Appeal (Section 19A)

National Commission

  • Composition of National Forum (Section 20)
  • Jurisdiction of National Commission (Section 21)
  • Power and Procedure of National Commission (Section 22)
  • Power to set-aside Ex President Order (Section 22A)
  • Power to Transfer Cases (Section 22B)
  • Circuit, Benches (Section 22 C)
  • Vacancy in the Office of President (Section 22D)
  • Appeal (Section 23)
  • Finality of Orders (Section 24)
  • Limitation Period (Section 24A)
  • Administrative Control (Section 24B)
  • Enforcement of Order of District Forum, State Commission or National Commission (Section 25)
  • Dismissal of Frivolous or Vexatious Complaints (Section 26)
  • Penalties (Section 27)
  • Appeal against Order Passed under section 27 (Section 27A)

Miscellaneous Matters

  • Action was taken in Good Faith (Section 28)
  • Service of Notice (Section 28A)
  • Power of Central Government to Remove Difficulties (Section 29)
  • Vacancies or Defects in Appointment not to Invalidate Order (Section 29A)
  • Power to make Rules (Section 30)
  • Power of National Commission to make Regulations (Section30A)
  • Rules and Regulations to be Laid before Each House of Parliament (Section31)

Specimen Forms of Complaints, Appeals and Revision before consumer Redressal Forum

Defenses to Consumer Complaints and Appeals

  • General Defense
  • Specific Defenses

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