Certified Wealth Manager Learning Resources

Learning Resources


Introduction to Wealth Management

  • Understanding Wealth Management
  • Wealth Management Process
  • Phases in Wealth Management
  • Wealth Management Market in India

Understanding Client Goals and Constraints

  • Client Profiling
  • Setting Goals and Prioritization
  • Gathering Data

Classes of Asset

  • Debt as an Asset Class
  • Equity as an Asset Class
  • Real Estate as an Asset Class
  • Commodities as an Asset Class
  • Art as an Asset Class
  • Investments in Stocks

Types of Portfolio and Policies

  • Objectives of Investment
  • Investment Time Horizon
  • Expected Return and Risks
  • Investment Recommendation
  • Financial Recommendation
  • Personal Investment Portfolio
  • Retirement Portfolio
  • Capital Need Analysis

Introduction to Tax

  • Tax Reduction
  • Income vs. Gains
  • Unsymmetric risks vs. Capital Gain Taxes
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Asset Allocation
  • Annuities

Insurance and Wealth Management

  • Types of Insurances
  • Benefits of Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Product and their Types
  • Insurance for Wealth Management

Estate planning

  • Introduction
  • Need and Tools for Estate Planning
  • Personal Property and Collectibles

Retirement Planning

  • Introduction
  • Purpose of Retirement Planning
  • Faults and mistakes in Retirement Planning

Client Education

  • Process of Investment
  • Return on Investment
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Allocation

Investment Mathematics

  • Normal Distribution and related measures
  • Measures of Risk
  • Moments
  • Regression
  • Compounding
  • Other Mathematical Tools and Techniques

Investment Theory

  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Capital Market Theory
  • Chaos Theory
  • Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)
  • Time Diversification

Business of Wealth Management

  • Organization and Operations
  • System and Technology
  • Custodial Relationships
  • Publication and Marketing

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