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Why should I take Wealth Manager Certification?

Wealth Management has a wide scope of opportunities for individuals planning to make a career in finance. It requires thorough understanding of financial planning process, as well as, of financial products including equity, banking and fixed income, insurance, real estate, art, derivatives and structured products including equity, banking and fixed income, insurance, real estate, art, derivatives. A wealth manager must be conversant with these aspects to assist the client in aligning to their wealth management plans and provide additional value to them.

Study & Learn About

  • Wealth Management - Process, Phases & Client Profiling
  • Types of Portfolio and Policies
  • Insurance Management
  • Estate & Retirement Planning
  • Investment Mathematics
  • Investment Theory

How will I benefit from Wealth Manager Certification?

Vskills Certification in Wealth Management is for those candidates looking for opportunities in this sector catering to wide variety of services. The course focuses on the steps and process involved in wealth management, understanding client goals and constraints, role of insurance, retirement and estate planning and wealth management strategy.

Vskills Certified Wealth Manager finds employment in big or small companies as a Wealth managers, financial planners and advisers, fund managers etc. There is a shortage of skilled professionals in this field and companies are in a constant look out of people well acquainted with the work culture and the processes involved.

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Companies that hire Wealth Managers

Vskills Certified Wealth Manager may  find employment in all kind of companies like ICICI Bank, Reliance wealth Management, Baja Finserv, Religare, DBS Bank, Citi Bank.

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Introduction to Wealth Management

  • Understanding Wealth Management
  • Wealth Management Process
  • Phases in Wealth Management
  • Wealth Management Market in India

Understanding Client Goals and Constraints

  • Client Profiling
  • Setting Goals and Prioritization
  • Gathering Data

Classes of Asset

  • Debt as an Asset Class
  • Equity as an Asset Class
  • Real Estate as an Asset Class
  • Commodities as an Asset Class
  • Art as an Asset Class
  • Investments in Stocks

Types of Portfolio and Policies

  • Objectives of Investment
  • Investment Time Horizon
  • Expected Return and Risks
  • Investment Recommendation
  • Financial Recommendation
  • Personal Investment Portfolio
  • Retirement Portfolio
  • Capital Need Analysis

Introduction to Tax

  • Tax Reduction
  • Income vs. Gains
  • Unsymmetric risks vs. Capital Gain Taxes
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Asset Allocation
  • Annuities

Insurance and Wealth Management

  • Types of Insurances
  • Benefits of Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Product and their Types
  • Insurance for Wealth Management

Estate planning

  • Introduction
  • Need and Tools for Estate Planning
  • Personal Property and Collectibles

Retirement Planning

  • Introduction
  • Purpose of Retirement Planning
  • Faults and mistakes in Retirement Planning

Client Education

  • Process of Investment
  • Return on Investment
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Allocation

Investment Mathematics

  • Normal Distribution and related measures
  • Measures of Risk
  • Moments
  • Regression
  • Compounding
  • Other Mathematical Tools and Techniques

Investment Theory

  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Capital Market Theory
  • Chaos Theory
  • Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)
  • Time Diversification

Business of Wealth Management

  • Organization and Operations
  • System and Technology
  • Custodial Relationships
  • Publication and Marketing

Introduction to Wealth Management
  • Understanding the concept of wealth management
  • Explains the process of wealth management and the chain
  • Describes the various phases in Wealth Management
  • Explains the role of wealth management market in India
Understanding Client Goals and Constraints
  • Explains the need and importance of client profiling
  • Explains the process of setting goals and discuss different types of client goals such as intermediate goals and lifetime goals
  • Explains the process of gathering data – Creating Risk Evaluation Questionnaire and analysing the capital need of the client
  • Describes different risk tolerance models
Classes of Asset
  • Describes the features and working of debt as an asset class
  • Describes the features and working of equity as an asset class
  • Describes the features and working of real estate as an asset class
  • Describes the features and working of commodities as an asset class
  • Describes the features and working of art as an asset class
  • Explains the process of investments in stocks
Types of Portfolio and Policies
  • Explains the objectives of Investment
  • Explains the concept of Investment Time Horizon established at the time of goal-setting process and the necessity of determining time frame for each its goals
  • Explain the concept of expected risks and return
  • Explain the concept and process of financial and investment recommendation
  • Explains the process and maintenance of personal investment portfolio
  • Illustrates the concept of retirement portfolio and retirement planning process
  • Illustrates the importance of Capital Need Analysis and their effect
Introduction to Tax
  • Explains the concept of tax reduction process
  • Explains the concept of income against gains
  • Explains the concept of unsymmetric risks against capital gain taxes
  • Explains the concept and importance of tax efficiency
  • Explains the process of tax efficiency and asset allocation
  • Explains the concept of annuities
Insurance and Wealth Management
  • Explains different types of insurances
  • Illustrates the benefits of Life Insurance
  • Describes different type of life insurance product
  • Describes the concept of insurance under wealth management
Estate planning
  • Explains the need and tools used for estate planning
  • Explains the concept of personal property and collectibles
Retirement Planning
  • Introduction to the concept and process of retirement planning
  • Explains the need and purpose of retirement planning
  • Explains the faults and mistakes in retirement planning process
Client Education
  • Describes the process of Investment and their functioning
  • Describes the concept and types of return on investment
  • Explains the principles of risk management and their application
Investment Mathematics
  • Explains statistical methods for measurement of risk such as normal distribution etc
  • Explains different measures of risk
  • Explains different techniques used for risk evaluation process such as moments, regression, compounding techniques and other mathematical tools
Investment Theory
  • Explains the concept of modern portfolio theory
  • Illustrates the evolution and application of capital market theory and chaos theory
  • Explains the concept of Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) and Time Diversification

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