Certified Wealth Manager Course Outline

Course Outline


Introduction to Wealth Management
  • Understanding the concept of wealth management
  • Explains the process of wealth management and the chain
  • Describes the various phases in Wealth Management
  • Explains the role of wealth management market in India
Understanding Client Goals and Constraints
  • Explains the need and importance of client profiling
  • Explains the process of setting goals and discuss different types of client goals such as intermediate goals and lifetime goals
  • Explains the process of gathering data – Creating Risk Evaluation Questionnaire and analysing the capital need of the client
  • Describes different risk tolerance models
Classes of Asset
  • Describes the features and working of debt as an asset class
  • Describes the features and working of equity as an asset class
  • Describes the features and working of real estate as an asset class
  • Describes the features and working of commodities as an asset class
  • Describes the features and working of art as an asset class
  • Explains the process of investments in stocks
Types of Portfolio and Policies
  • Explains the objectives of Investment
  • Explains the concept of Investment Time Horizon established at the time of goal-setting process and the necessity of determining time frame for each its goals
  • Explain the concept of expected risks and return
  • Explain the concept and process of financial and investment recommendation
  • Explains the process and maintenance of personal investment portfolio
  • Illustrates the concept of retirement portfolio and retirement planning process
  • Illustrates the importance of Capital Need Analysis and their effect
Introduction to Tax
  • Explains the concept of tax reduction process
  • Explains the concept of income against gains
  • Explains the concept of unsymmetric risks against capital gain taxes
  • Explains the concept and importance of tax efficiency
  • Explains the process of tax efficiency and asset allocation
  • Explains the concept of annuities
Insurance and Wealth Management
  • Explains different types of insurances
  • Illustrates the benefits of Life Insurance
  • Describes different type of life insurance product
  • Describes the concept of insurance under wealth management
Estate planning
  • Explains the need and tools used for estate planning
  • Explains the concept of personal property and collectibles
Retirement Planning
  • Introduction to the concept and process of retirement planning
  • Explains the need and purpose of retirement planning
  • Explains the faults and mistakes in retirement planning process
Client Education
  • Describes the process of Investment and their functioning
  • Describes the concept and types of return on investment
  • Explains the principles of risk management and their application
Investment Mathematics
  • Explains statistical methods for measurement of risk such as normal distribution etc
  • Explains different measures of risk
  • Explains different techniques used for risk evaluation process such as moments, regression, compounding techniques and other mathematical tools
Investment Theory
  • Explains the concept of modern portfolio theory
  • Illustrates the evolution and application of capital market theory and chaos theory
  • Explains the concept of Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) and Time Diversification

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