Certified SEO Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content


Course Introductions

  • What Does this Course Cover?

SEO Basics and Important Terminology

  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • How a Search Engine Works
  • Types of SEO
  • SEO Building Block

Keyword Research

  • What is a Keyword from SEO Perspective?
  • Broad Versus Longtail Keywords
  • Where to Collect Keywords
  • Finding Competitor on New Niche – I
  • Finding Competitor on New Niche – II
  • Finding Competitor on New Niche – III
  • List of Competitor's Keywords - I
  • List of Competitor's Keywords - II
  • Google's Official Keyword Tool
  • How to Validate Keywords for SEO with Google Trends
  • How to Convert Broad Keywords into Longtail Keywords
  • How to Use Google Search Suggestions
  • The All in One SEO Tool

Technical Factors | On-Page SEO

  • Why Technical Factors Matter in SEO
  • Important Tags for SEO – I
  • Important Tags for SEO – II
  • Brand Factor – Domain SEO Visibility
  • More on Keywords and URL Parameters
  • Utilizing Improvements
  • Website – Page Speed

What can Lower Your Page Speed?

  • Why Page Speed is Important
  • Understanding the "Why"
  • Let's Get Started – Analyzing Website for PageSpeed Test
  • Optimization Images – I
  • Optimization Images – II
  • What is CDN – Adding CDN for Free
  • Completing CDN Configuration – Adding Free SSL Certificate
  • Caching and HTML, CSS, and JS Optimization
  • Page Speed SEO Technique – I
  • Page Speed SEO Technique – II
  • Leverage Browser Caching – Page Speed Test after Optimization
  • Google AMP – I
  • Google AMP – II

Introduction to Search Console (Webmaster)

  • Create a Sitemap for Your Website
  • How to Add Your Website to Google Search Console
  • Add a Sitemap of Your Site to Google Search Console (Webmaster)
  • Adding a Different Version of Website to Webmaster
  • Adding Website and Sitemap to Bing Webmaster
  • More About Alexa Ranking and How to Add Website
  • How to Submit Blog Post to Google for Fast Indexing

Link Building in-depth

  • What is Link Building?
  • DoFollow and NoFollow Links
  • Types of Backlinks
  • Link Building Campaign
  • Ways to Get Quality Backlinks
  • Ways to Get Quality Backlinks – II | Spying on Competitors
  • Ways to Get Quality Backlinks – III

Local SEO

  • What is Local SEO?
  • 6 Points to Win Local SEO
  • Local SEO – Keyword Research
  • Registering Our Business on "Google My Business"
  • Completing Local SEO

Negative SEO

  • What is Negative SEO?
  • Protecting Website from Negative SEO
  • Protect Best Backlinks | Remove Spam Links

Complete SEO Audit Like PRO

  • What is SEO Audit?
  • Basic SEO Audit
  • Advanced SEO Audit

Google Updates

  • Understanding Important Google Algorithm Updates


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