Certified News Writer Table of Contents



  • Definitions of News and Current Affairs
  • Elements of News Values
  • News Virtues
  • Qualities of the News Writer
  • General Rules for News Writing

Writing Techniques

  • Introduction
  • Elements of Good Writing
  • Writing for your Audience/ Viewer
  • Writing for your Announcer
  • Types of Leads for Broadcast Stories
  • Guidelines for Copy Preparation
  • Putting Together a Newscast
  • Sources for Broadcast News

News Sources

  • Introduction
  • Finding and Using New s Sources
  • Sources of News

Developing Story Line By Line

  • Writing Broadcast Copy
  • The Five W’s and H Rule

Selecting the News

  • Types of News
  • Public/Civic Journalism
  • The Concept of Objectivity
  • Details to Avoid
  • VERBS - The Writing Coach
  • Finding Stories


  • Introduction
  • Editorial Policy Conforming to the Newsroom of BBC

Editorial Values and Policies

  • News


  • Introduction
  • English Com position and Broadcast Writing
  • Additional Readings
  • Active Verbs


  • Introduction
  • Objectivity


  • Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Checklists for Public Affairs Reporting


  • Why am I Interviewing?
  • Whom Should I Interview?
  • When Should I Conduct My Interviews?
  • Where should I Conduct the Interview?
  • What Questions should I Ask?
  • How should I Conduct Interviews?
  • Writing the Interview Story

Documentary and Feature Programmes

  • Defining the Terms
  • The Documentary
  • The News Documentary
  • The Feature
  • Types of Feature Stories


  • What are Biographies?

Specialty Writing

  • Environmental Reporting
  • Business Reporting
  • Consumer Reporting
  • Investigative Reporting
  • Wildlife Writing and Reporting

Science and Sports

  • Science
  • Developing a Medical Glossary
  • Writing Science News

Disaster and Human Interest

  • Reporting Courts and National Disasters
  • Hazards of Human Interest

News Releases

  • News Releases
  • Elements of A News Release
  • Types of New s Releases
  • The Journalist’s Perspective
  • The No Problem
  • Other Problems with New s Releases
  • Checklist for Handling New s Releases

News Agencies

  • Introduction
  • Monitoring
  • New s Agencies Round the World
  • The ‘Big Four’ as the Paramount New s Sources
  • The Press Trust of India
  • AP (Associated Press)
  • AFP

The Internet

  • Journalists and the Internet
  • Internet Addresses or URLS
  • Search Engines and Subject Directories
  • Mailing Lists and Newsgroups
  • Ethical Considerations

Other Media

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Alternative Newsweeklies
  • Newspaper Vs Radio and TV News
  • New s agencies
  • Other News Sources
  • A New Concept in Media: Talking Newspapers
  • Good Practice for Talking Newspapers
  • Additional Material
  • Concise details”

Editorial Judgment

  • News Judgment
  • Recognizing and Evaluating A New s Story
  • Fictional and Factual
  • News is More Than Story
  • Many Publics, Mostly Local

Writing for Television

  • Writing for the Television Newscast

Writing for Radio

  • Your Audience

Pricing Together Video and Audio

  • Avoiding Jump Cuts
  • Television Script Formats

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