Certified AML-KYC Compliance Officer Learning Resources

Learning Resources


Money Laundering
  • What is Money Laundering?
  • Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PML Act)
  • Tainted Money or Dirty Money
  • Transfer of funds and washing of “Dirty” Money
  • Global phenomenon
Money Laundering: Some Methods used
  • Process of Money Laundering: Placement, Layering, Integration
  • Methods used in Money Laundering
  • Sources of tainted money
  • Common techniques employed
Legislation and international cooperation
  • Legislations in various countries against money laundering
  • Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
  • Anti Money Laundering measures in India
  • Tools required for prevention of Money Laundering
Role of correspondent banking
  • Information on Correspondent Bank
  • Anti money laundering policies of the correspondent bank
Know Your Customer – Historical Perspective
  • Customer Profile
  • KYC Policies and RBI initiative
  • Some basic definitions and KYC origination
  • Transaction Profile screening
  • Organizational Structure in the bank
KYC – Operating Guidelines
  • Customer Identification
  • Account opening process
  • Accounts of Companies – Limited Companies, Proprietorship, Partnerships
  • Trusts, fiduciary relations, professional intermediaries
  • Joint Accounts
  • Suggested safegaurds
  • Existing Accounts
  • Inoperative Accounts
  • Monitoring of Accounts
Internal Control and structure in banks
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Principal Officer
  • Roles and responsibilities of the staff
  • Roles and responsibilities of Internal Audit and Controls
Customer Risk Categorization (CRC)
  • Customer Risk
  • Need for Customer Risk Categorization
  • Customer Acceptance Policy (CAP)
  • Customer Identification Procedures
  • Customer due diligence
Reporting Obligations
  • Cash transaction reporting (CTR)
  • Counterfeit Currency Reporting (CCR)
  • Suspicious Transaction Report (STR)
Transaction Monitoring
  • Methods of monitoring
  • Suspicious transactions
  • Name Screening process
  • Wire Transfers
  • Preservation of records
Staff and Customer Awareness
  • Training methods
  • Assessments
  • Records of training
  • Importance of creating customer awareness

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