Brand Manager Table of Contents

Table of Content


Branding Terms

  • Introduction
  • Glossary of Terms

Branding Basics

  • Introduction
  • The Meaning of Brands
  • What is Branding?
  • Characteristics of Brands
  • Central Organizing Thought
  • Slogan
  • Brand Awareness is not Everything
  • Establishing a Brand
  • Points of Parity
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Management
  • Clarity

Nature of Relationship

  • Time-Frame
  • Consumers Involvement
  • High- Involvement Situations
  • Low –Involvement Situations
  • Too Many Walls
  • Discontinuity In Habits
  • Cultural Factors
  • The Concept of Perception
  • Principles of Proximity
  • Brand - Customer Relationship

Building Successful Brands

  • Steps in Building A Strong Brand
  • Own a Word or Phrase

Brand Building

  • Brand Symbol
  • Brand Character
  • Brand Logo
  • Logo Change
  • Counter Fakes

Brand Names and Brand Extensions

  • Why to Create a New Brand Name
  • Types of Brand Name
  • Image Associations
  • Product Associations
  • Name Change
  • Brand Extension
  • Image-Related Extensions
  • Unrelated Extensions
  • Nurturing Sub-Brands

Co-Branding and Corporate Branding

  • Finding the Right Partner
  • A Fruitful Relationship
  • Tips for a Lasting Relationship
  • Creating a Powerful Corporate Brand
  • A Qualitative Process
  • Corporate Ethics, Corporate Culture and Corporate Image
  • Managing the Corporate Image

Brand Associations and Brand Image

  • Types of Brand Associations
  • Five Ways of Help
  • Forms of Brand Associations
  • Measuring Brand Association
  • Qualitative Research Techniques
  • Quantitative Research Techniques
  • Brand Image

Brand Loyalty

  • Brand Loyalty
  • Retention
  • The Need for a Paradigm Shift
  • Increasing Media Clutter
  • Dealing with Brand Variety

Brand Relationship

  • The Complex Nature of Brand Linkages
  • Brand Relationship Management
  • Learning Relationships
  • Customer Insight-Driven Relationship
  • Brand Relationship Management’s Journey

Brand Equity

  • Understanding Brand Equity
  • Branding and Brand Equity
  • How Do You Measure Brand Equity?
  • Branding Promotions

Brand Management Process

  • Why Brand is Everything
  • The Brand’s Creed
  • Three Steps Toward Successful Branding
  • Does Marketing of Brand Help?

Brand Evolution

  • Branding Decision
  • Historical Evolution of Brands
  • An Eight-Category Typology

Value of Brands

  • Value of Brand to Manufacturer
  • Brand-Customer Relationship
  • Brand Identity
  • A Brand That Works

Brand Planning and Brand Potential

  • The Importance of Brand Planning
  • The Issues Influencing Brand Potential
  • The Marketing Environment
  • Cadbury – Case Study

Brands and Consumer Buying Process

  • Extended Problem Solving
  • Dissonance Reduction
  • Advice for the Marketer
  • Consumer Benefits and Evaluative

Consumer Search for Brand Information

  • Consumers Search for Brand Information
  • Reasons for Limited Search for External Information
  • Brand Information - Quality or Quantity
  • Clues to Evaluate Brands
  • Brand Names an Informational Chunks

Issues Associated with Effective Brand Names

  • Naming Brands - Individual or Company Name?
  • A Strategic Approach to Naming Brands
  • Screen and Select the Brand Name
  • Issues Associated with Effective Brand Names
  • The Brand as A Risk Reducer
  • Qualities of Powerful Names

Added Values Beyond Functionalism

  • Brands and Symbolism
  • Symbolic Branding
  • Functional Product
  • Self-Concept and Branding
  • Building Ladders on the Internet
  • Using Existing Ladders
  • Creating New Ladders

Brand Personality

  • Values and Characteristics of Brand Personality
  • Creating Brand Personality
  • Brand and Brand Users Galore!
  • Watch Out, We are World Class Customers Now
  • Will The Indian Brands Survive?
  • Brand Personality - The Relationship Basis Model
  • What If The Brand Spoke to You?
  • Relationship Segmentation

Branding to Make Tangible the Intangible

  • Consistent Service Brands Through Staff
  • Service Brands with The Optimum Consumer Participation

Response of Weak and Strong Manufacturers

  • Convenience Versus Non-convenience Outlets
  • Which Stage to Target?
  • Strategy for Durables
  • The Role of The Brand
  • Positioning of a Brand
  • The Risks of Poor Positioning

Brand Positioning Strategies

  • Why is Defining the Positioning So Important?
  • What Did Maggi Do?

Consumer Segmentation

  • Target Audience
  • Market Segmentation
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies
  • Brand Contact and Target Audience

Brand Architecture and Brand Portfolio

  • Brand Portfolio
  • Portfolio Roles
  • Product Market Context Roles
  • Brand Portfolio Structure
  • Brand Hierarchy Trees
  • Brand Range
  • The ‘Coca-Cola’ Brand and Sponsorship

Perceptual Mapping

  • Perceptual Mapping
  • Market Description and Segmentation
  • Perceptual Mapping Techniques
  • Attribute Methods
  • Brand Attributes and Benefits
  • Strategy Decisions

Brand Benefits and Attributes

  • What’s the Benefit of Branding Anyway?
  • Benefits of a Successful Brand
  • Benefits of Building a Brand
  • A Product May Die but The Brand will Sustain
  • A Brand is a Living Memory
  • Attributes and USP
  • What can Research Do to Help?

Advertising and Branding

  • Creating a Brand Through Advertising
  • Advertising Must Position the Brand
  • Brand Positioning through Advertisements
  • How Advertising Works
  • Product Positioning as a Marketing Strategy
  • Bang for the Buck?

Successful Repositioning

  • Successful Brand Repositioning
  • Securing the Customer’s “Permission”
  • Increasing Relevance to Consumer
  • Making The Brand Serious
  • Making The Brand Contemporary

Differential Advantage and Positioning

  • Differentiation - How to Compete
  • The Differential Advantage and Branding
  • What is “Branding?”
  • When Branding Becomes the Sstrategic Advantage
  • Strategy or Tactic? Project or Process?
  • Developing A Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Developing a Portfolio of Products / Markets
  • The Differential Advantage and Branding
  • Role of Agencies in Branding

Brand as Strategic Devices

  • Brand Leadership-the New Imperative
  • Focus on Brand Equity as the Conceptual Model
  • Complex Brand Architecture
  • Strategic Relevance of Branding
  • The Strategic Plan
  • Brand Strategy

Brand Evaluation and Planning

  • Maintaining the Brand’s Core Value
  • Bridging the Brand’s Values
  • Defining Brand Dimensions
  • Revitalizing Brands
  • Brand Evaluation
  • Commercial Models of Brand Equity Growth
  • The Criteria to Assess the Strength of a Brand
  • The Causal Nature of Brand Equity
  • Brand Strength
  • The Financial Value of Brands
  • Methods of Measuring the Financial Value of a Brand

Protecting Brands

  • Basics
  • Intellectual Property Law in India
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Protecting Brands Through Trademark Registration
  • The Challenges to Brands
  • Licensing Your Brand
  • The Challenges to Brands
  • Brand Advertising on the Internet
  • The Growth of Corporate Branding

Legal Perspectives in Branding

  • Naming Tips
  • Legal Tips
  • The Trademark Act 1999
  • Essential Features of a Trademark
  • Protection of Trademark
  • Registration of Trademark
  • Infringement of a Trademark
  • Geographical Indication
  • The Designs Act, 2000

Online Branding

  • The Unsung Hero of Internet Marketing
  • Online Branding Tactics
  • Packaged Online Branding Solutions

Business to Business Branding

  • Business Branding
  • Focus Areas
  • Brand Architecture
  • Integrated Brand Communication
  • The Bottom Line

Social Media Branding

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Websites
  • Benefits
  • Social Media Branding


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