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Why should I take Hedge Fund Certification?

The responsibility of a Hedge fund manager is to run all or part of a hedge fund, with the goal of maximizing return. A hedge fund manager is primarily involved in taking decision on a wide range of financial assets - from corporate bonds to stocks to currencies. Hedge Fund Managers are responsible for overseeing and making decisions about investments in hedge funds. Hedge fund as a career is considered one of the most desirable paths in the finance field and is one of the most exhilarating careers for a professional.

How will I benefit from Hedge Fund Certification?

This Vskills Certified Hedge Fund Manager course has been designed by professionals in the industry to provide the requisite training and skills on the subject to the candidates. The course covers various topics related to hedge fund management like decision making on wide range of financial assets, investment strategies, risk management, hedge fund regulations and other related areas. With extensive online content, the course is aimed at providing a career boost to the learners. Vskills Certified Hedge Fund Manager finds employment in big or small hedge fund companies as a junior trader, strategist, analyst, risk manager and in various other administrative roles.

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Companies that hire Hedge Fund Manager

Vskills Certified Hedge Fund Manager may  find employment in all kind of companies like JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Yes Bank, Tata Capital, Fidelity Investments, Barclays, Citi, HDFC Bank, ICICI Direct, Bajaj Capital etc.

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Introduction to Hedge Funds

  • A Definition of Hedge Funds
  • Hedge Funds Vs. Traditional Funds
  • Brief History of the Hedge Funds Industry
  • Hedge Funds in India

Players in the Market

  • Structure and Size
  • Key Players
  • Role of Hedge Funds
  • Hedge Fund Performance Benchmark Targets

Hedge Fund Investment Strategies

  • Relative Value
  • Event Driven
  • Opportunistic
  • Directional Funds
  • Absolute-return funds

Fund of Hedge Funds (FOHF)

  • Structured Products
  • Multi-Strategy Vs Funds-of-Funds

Hedge Fund Fee Structures

  • Performance-based Fees
  • Determining Incentive Fees: High Water Marks and Hurdle Rates
  • Equalization
  • Minimum Investment Levels
  • Fees for Funds of Funds

Regulations of Hedge Funds

  • The Legal Structures of Hedge Funds
  • Legal Structures for Non-US Hedge Funds
  • Hedge fund regulation in Various Countries
  • Supervision Approach
  • Structure of Hedge Funds
  • Primary Brokers
  • Risk Management

Risk Management

  • Sources of Risk
  • Measuring Hedge Fund Risk
  • Markowitz 's Portfolio Theory
  • CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model)
  • Sharpe Ratio
  • Jenson's Alpha and Treynor ratio
  • Three Factor Model of Fama and French
  • VaR (Value at Risk)

Problems with Hedge Fund Risk Modelling

  • Non-Normal Return Distribution
  • Investment Strategy and Return Distribution
  • Hedge Fund Failure Rate

Hedge Funds Available On The Market

  • Close Man Hedge Fund
  • RAB Capital
  • GLG Partners
  • Ikos Hedge Fund
  • Black Rock
  • Famous Hedge Funds Withdrawn From the Market

Future of Hedge Funds

  • Consolidation
  • 30/30 Funds
  • Fees and Cloning
  • Growth opportunities
  • The Case for Preserving Hedge Funds
  • The Case Against Hedge Funds
  • Conclusion


Introduction to Hedge Fund
  • Explains the concept of equity long-short fund strategy
  • Explains the technique ‘Market Neutral’ – one of the purest form of hedge fund investment relying entirely on managerial skills
  • Illustrate the problems faced by short-sellers
  • Explains the concept of arbitrage funds with an aim to exploit the anomalies in the mispricing of two or more securities
  • Describes the types of arbitrage funds – convertible arbitrage, statistical arbitrage and fixed income arbitrage
  • Explains the concept of directional funds managed by global macro managers and futures or commodity trading advisers
  • Explains the Event-Driven approach using distressed debt, merger arbitrage, activist funds and multi-strategy funds
Player and Participants
  • Illustrated different players in the capital market
  • Explains the concept of fund-of-fund manager and the factors influencing thereby such as time & expertise to analyse a range of funds and the comfort blanket a fund-of-fund manager provides.
  • Illustrates the process of how funds pick managers
  • Explains the process of safe hedge fund investment in structured products and their drawbacks
  • Explains the services offered by Multi-Strategy funds against Funds-of-Funds
Regulations of Hedge Funds
  • Explains the different approaches to supervision of industry in different countries
  • Describes the tax and regulation structure that hedge funds adopt to get around the rules
  • Explains the key intermediaries and people that act as eyes and ears of the hedge funds industry also called Primary Brokers
  • Explain the process of managing different types risks arising in hedge funds – Market Risk, Liquidity Risk, Counterparty Risk and Operational Risk
Pros and Cons of Hedge Funds
  • Explains the role of hedge funds in society
  • Explains the hedge funds and recognizing risk involved to generate returns
  • Explains the return that investor yield aligned with the interest of manager and investor
  • Explains the Bell Curve of Returns
Future of Hedge Funds
  • Explain the process of consolidation of industry and the power associated with the fund managers
  • Explains 130-130 funds used by managers to produce strategies to produce half way house between two hedge funds
  • Describes the process of acquiring Permanent/Fixed capital – By floating the fund management company itself or by floating specific funds on stock exchange
  • Explains the concept of cloning and the returns generated from highly liquid market such that the cost of trading is low
  • Describes the strategies for future and growth opportunities

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