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XPath and XPointer Table of Contents

Table of Content



  •  Why XPath and XPointer?
  •  Antecedents/History
  •   XPath, XPointer, and Other XML-Related Specs
  •   XPath and XPointer Versus XQuery

XPath Basics

  •   The Node Tree: An Introduction
  •   XPath Expressions
  •   XPath Data Types
  •   Nodes and Node-Sets
  •   Node-Set Context
  •   String-Values

Location Steps and Paths

  •   XPath Expressions
  •   Location Paths
  •   Location Steps
  •   Compound Location Paths Revisited

XPath Functions 

  •   Introduction to Functions
  •   XPath Function Types
  •   XPath Numeric Operators

XPath Example 

  •   XPath Visualiser: Some Background
  •   Sample XML Document
  •   General to Specific, Common to Far-Out


  •   General Goals
  •   Specific Requirements

XPointer Basics

  •   XPointer and Media types
  •   Some Definitions
  •   The Framework
  •   Error Types
  •   Encoding and Escaping Characters in XPointer

XPointer Syntax

  •   Shorthand Pointers
  •   Scheme-Based XPointer Syntax
  •   Using XPointers in a URI

XPointer Beyond XPath

  •   Why Extend XPath?
  •   Points and Ranges
  •   XPointer Extensions to Document Order
  •   XPointer Functions   

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