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Why VPNs do not work with cloud computing

A virtual private network(VPN) extends a private network and the resources contained in the network across public networks like the Internet. VPNs have been extensively used across enterprises but are complex and costly though it provide an effective secured interface.

VPN configurations whether on organization’s end or provider’s end involves complex set up and requires consistent support which is usually expensive.

VPNs don’t scale

Multiple VPN servers for every high availability server is needed and with large and complex cloud deployments puts an multiplier to the whole scenario.

VPN clients are cryptic

client-side VPN applications are a pain in management due to day to day maintenenace required due to updation of operating system or VPN client updates thus, adding to higher support costs.

Auditing Deficiency

User VPNs details when are available from provider but involves manual data extraction and that also without audit trail in case of corporate connection.


Multiple VPNs devices

VPNs are used by plethora of devices across the organization and involves configuration, management and troubleshooting for all. Thus, adding complexity to the whole gamut as it involves various questions regarding Does your VPN? Is your VPN client supported on all your devices?