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Benefits of Certification

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ASP.NET Core is a free, open-source, cross-platform framework for building web applications and APIs using the .NET platform. It is a complete rewrite of ASP.NET, designed to be modular, flexible, and high-performance. Some of the key features of ASP.NET Core include:

  • Cross-platform: ASP.NET Core can be run on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • High-performance: It is optimized for speed and resource utilization, making it ideal for building scalable web applications.
  • Modular: ASP.NET Core is built on a modular architecture, allowing you to include only the features that you need in your application.
  • Cloud-ready: It has built-in support for deploying applications to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure.
  • Open-source: ASP.NET Core is open-source, with a large community of developers contributing to its development and maintenance.

Overall, ASP.NET Core is a modern, flexible, and powerful framework for building web applications and APIs, suitable for a wide range of use cases and deployment scenarios.

Note: Please note that the course comes with online e-learning (videos) only. No hard copy will be provided.

Why should one take ASP.NET Core Certification?

Getting certified in ASP.NET Core can have several benefits:

  • Demonstrates expertise: Certification is proof of your knowledge and skills in ASP.NET Core development. It demonstrates to potential employers or clients that you have the necessary knowledge to develop web applications using this framework.
  • Career Advancement: ASP.NET Core is a widely-used web development framework, and certification in it can help you advance in your career. With certification, you may be able to negotiate a higher salary or be eligible for promotions and more significant job responsibilities.
  • Credibility: Certification provides credibility to your knowledge, skills, and abilities in ASP.NET Core development. It shows that you have a solid understanding of the framework, which can help you build trust with clients and stakeholders.
  • Staying Up-to-Date: ASP.NET Core is constantly evolving, with new features and improvements being added regularly. Certification helps you stay up-to-date with the latest changes in the framework, ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills to develop modern web applications.

Overall, ASP.NET Core certification can help you stand out in a competitive job market and demonstrate your value as a developer.
The certification covers

  • MVC Basics
  • Razor Pages
  • Authorization

Who will benefit from taking ASP.NET Core Certification?

Taking a certification in ASP.NET Core can benefit several professionals, including:

  • Software Developers: Certification in ASP.NET Core can demonstrate that a software developer has a strong understanding of ASP.NET Core concepts, development best practices, and how to build secure, scalable, and maintainable applications.
  • Web Developers: Certification in ASP.NET Core can help web developers who are involved in developing web applications using ASP.NET Core.
  • IT Professionals: Certification in ASP.NET Core can benefit IT professionals who manage and deploy ASP.NET Core applications in a production environment, such as system administrators, DevOps engineers, and cloud architects.
  • Students: Certification in ASP.NET Core can help students who want to pursue a career in software development and web development and want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in this area to potential employers.

ASP.NET Core Table of Contents


ASP.NET Core Practice Questions


ASP.NET Core Interview Questions


Companies that hire ASP.NET Core Professionals

Companies specializing in ASP.NET based software development are constantly hiring skilled ASP.NET Core developers and professionals. IT companies, MNCs hire ASP.NET Core developers and professionals for ASP.NET based development. Companies employing ASP.NET Core professionals include Google, TCS, Accenture, IBM, Tech Mahindra, GE, Amex, Deloitte, Wipro, TCS, etc.

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  • Tools Needed
  • Introduction to .NET Core
  • Dependency Injection
  • Create Project
  • Hot Reload
  • Project File
  • Launchsettings, wwwroot, and appsettings
  • Program Class File
  • MVC Architecture
  • Routing Overview
  • Routing in Action
  • Default Views
  • Tag Helper
  • Action Result

MVC Basics - CRUD Operation

  • Create Category Model
  • Add Data Annotations
  • Add Connection String
  • Add ApplicationDbContext
  • Set Up Program.cs to Use DbContext
  • Create Database
  • Create Category Controller
  • Retrieve All Categories
  • Display All Categories
  • Bootswatch Theme
  • Bootstrap Icons
  • Create Category View
  • Demo - Create Category
  • Server-Side Validations
  • Custom Validation
  • Add Client-Side Validation
  • Display Name and Range Validation
  • Edit Category - GET
  • Edit Category - POST
  • Delete Category
  • Tempdata
  • Partial Views
  • Toastr Alerts
  • Scaffold CRUD

Razor Pages - CRUD Operation

  • Introduction
  • Create Project
  • What's Different
  • Razor Pages Introduction
  • Pages in Razor Project
  • Routing Overview
  • Create Category Model
  • Data Annotations
  • Connection String
  • ApplicationDbContext
  • Program.cs Database Settings
  • Create Database
  • Categories Get Action Method
  • Display All Categories
  • Add Create Category Button
  • Create Category UI
  • Create Property in Page Model
  • Create Category and Bind Property
  • Bootswatch
  • Server-Side Validations
  • Custom Validations
  • Display Name and Range Annotation
  • Client-Side Validations
  • Links for Edit and Delete
  • Edit Category
  • Back to List
  • Delete Category
  • TempData
  • Toastr
  • Partial Views
  • Scaffold CRUD Pages
  • Back to Main Project

N-Tier Architecture

  • Creating More Projects
  • N-Tier Architecture
  • Help Tip 1 - How to Handle Corrupted Migrations
  • Bootswatch Theme

Repository Pattern

  • Introduction to Repository
  • Repository Overview
  • Repository Pattern Detailed Flow
  • Repository Pattern Architecture
  • IRepository Interface
  • Implement IRepository
  • Category Repository Interface
  • Implement Category Repository
  • Replace DbContext with Category Repository
  • Implementing Unit of Work
  • UnitOfWork in Action
  • Assignment 1 - Cover Type Repository
  • Assignment 1 Solution - Cover Type Repository
  • Areas in .NET Core
  • Areas in Action
  • Assignment 2 - Cover Type Controller and Views
  • Assignment 2 Solution - Cover Type Controller and Views
  • Dropdown in Navigation

Product Management

  • Create Product Model
  • Create Product Table
  • Product Repository
  • Create Product Controller
  • Product Get Action UI
  • Projections Using Select
  • View Bag in .NET Core
  • ViewData in .NET Core
  • View Models
  • Add File Upload
  • Sweetalerts
  • Create First Product
  • Add API EndPoint for DataTable
  • Loading Datatables
  • Include Properties
  • Render HTML in Datatables
  • Load Product on Upsert Get
  • Update Product
  • Update Book Images
  • Delete API Endpoint
  • Delete Product
  • Tinymce Editor

Home Page

  • Home Page
  • Lux theme
  • Details Action Method
  • Details UI

Identity Management

  • Scaffold Identity
  • What Got Added to Identity
  • Add Identity Tables
  • Identity Bugs with Scaffolded Pages
  • Register and Login in Action
  • Add More Fields to Identity Table
  • Assignment 3 - Company CRUD
  • Assignment 3 - Solution Company CRUD
  • Add Roles to Application
  • Create Roles for Website
  • Add More Fields on Register UI
  • Display All Roles in Dropdown
  • Register User with Roles
  • Company Dropdown
  • Toggle Company Dropdown
  • Register Company User

Shopping Cart

  • Add Shopping Cart Table to Database
  • Add Shopping Cart and Application User Repository
  • Add Items to Shopping Cart
  • Add Items to Existing Cart
  • Configure Application Cookie
  • Shopping Cart UI
  • Load Shopping Cart List in Get Action
  • Price Calculation Based on Quantity
  • Cart Total
  • Updating Quantity in Shopping Cart
  • Cart Summary UI

Order Creation

  • Create Order Header and Details Model
  • Add Order Header and Details to UnitOfWork
  • Summary GET Action Method
  • Load Summary UI with Data
  • Summary POST Action Method
  • Create Order
  • Create Stripe Account
  • Stripe Secrets Configuration
  • Call Stripe from Summary Page
  • Save Stripe Session ID and Payment Intent ID
  • Order Confirmation
  • Payments in Action

Order Management

  • Flow for Company User
  • Place Order for Company User
  • OrderVM and Retrieve All Orders
  • Display all Orders
  • Add Status Filter to Order List
  • Toggle UI for Status Based on Selection
  • Demo - Filters in Order List
  • Role-Based Order Display
  • Order Details Get Action
  • Loading Order Details Header
  • Display Order Details
  • Order Processing Buttons Logic
  • Update Order Details and EF Core Tracking
  • Ship Order
  • Cancel Order
  • Cancel Order Issue - PaymentIntentId Null?
  • Delayed Payment

MVC Advanced Concepts

  • Authorization
  • Email Sender Using MimeKit and MailKit
  • Test Email Sender
  • SendGrid
  • Session in Action
  • Remove Stored Values from Session
  • View Component Code
  • View Component in Action
  • Facebook Login
  • Demo - Facebook Login
  • Hide Roles from Registration
  • Session Bug

Seed Database and Azure Deployment

  • DbInitializer Interface
  • Implement DbInitializer
  • Azure Database
  • Azure Deployment

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