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Vskills Certified Syrups and Thandai Junior Craftsman Table of Content

Table of Content


Personal hygiene

  • Explain about personal hygiene
  • Describe the kitchen clothing and the suitable clothing.

Receiving and storing

  • State the importance of receiving of good
  • Define stores and state the three group’s pf storage accommodation.

Good manufacturing practices GMP,HACCP

  • State GMP and importance
  • Explain the hazard analysis and critical control point.

Identification of equipments, handing and maintaining equipments

  • State identify the different kitchen equipment used in Bengali sweet
  • State the kitchen equipment
  • State the method to handle the kitchen knife in a safe way
  • State the procedure of maintenance of machineries and equipment.


  • State about fruits and its storage
  • Explain some of the common tropical fruits.

Method of cooking

  • State the method of cooking
  • State the types of steaming and frying.


  • Explain juice
  • State the different varieties of juice
  • Describe about the kokum fruit.

List teh first aid equipment

  • State fainting, burns, and artificial respiration.


  • State thandai
  • State the making of thandai.

Legislation pertaining he food laws

  • State and explain the food laws
  • State the legislation pertaining of food.

Waste disposal

  • Explain the method to dispose waste form the kitchen.

Interrelation of 4 ms in ensuring food and work place safety

  • State the interrelation between 4 m’s in ensuring safety
  • State the work flow of the 4 m’s.

Hygiene and sanitation practices

Basic Microbiology

  • Biological Hazards
  • Physical Hazards
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Food Poisoning


  • Home Canning

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