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Vskills Certified Pipe Tig and Arc Welder Table of Content

Table of Content

Basic Welding joints

  • Types of weld
  • Root gap
  • Heat affected zone
  • Leg length
  • Parent metal
  • Fusion penetration
  • Reinforcement
  • Root
  • Root face
  • Root run
  • Root penetration
  • Run
  • Sealing run
  • Backing run
  • Threat thickness
  • Toe of weld
  • Weld face
  • Weld junction
  • Fusion face
  • Fusion zone 

Methods of pipe welding by Arc

  • Advantages of welded pipe
  • Methods of pipe welding
  • Types of pipe joints
  • Welding of pipe butt joints
  • Pipe welding positions
  • During the welding of butt joints the pipe may be
  • Pipe welding by arc by continuous rotation method
  • Setting the pipe for welding
  • Welding of a pipe butt joint by segmental welding 

Pipe welding by Arc in fixed positions

  • Welding procedure of M.S pipe butt joint by arc in fixed (5G)  position
  • Advantages of H/P pipe welding

Principle of arc welding

  • Metallic arc welding

Basic electricity as applied to welding

  • Cooper
  • Ohm’s law
  • The law states
  • Application of ohm’s law

Polarity in DC Arc welding

  • Arc length and its effects
  • Arc length
  • Medium, normal arc
  • Long arc
  • Short arc
  • Effects of different arc length
  • Arc welding electronics
  • Method of flux coasting
  • Coating factor
  • Storage of Electronics
  • Remember a moisture-affected electrode
  • Always pickup the right electrodes that will provide
  • Storage of electrodes
  • Drying electrodes
  • Indicates of electrodes affected by moisture are

Tig Welding process and equipment

  • TIG welding
  • TIG welding equipment
  • Gas regulator, flow meter
  • Advantages of Tig welding process

Power source of Tig welding – types, applications – care and maintenance

  • Power source for GTAW
  • Types of power source

High frequency unit and DC suppressor unit

  • High frequency unit
  • Care and maintenance of HF unit

Properties and uses of Argon and helium gas – ceramic shield

  • Shielding gases
  • Properties of argon and helium gas
  • Gases for TIG welding of aluminum Argon gas

Tungsten electrodes – type – uses

  • Tungsten electrodes
  • Electrodes of four different types are used
  • Composite tungsten electrode with strips of tungsten with thorium attached
  • For edge wleds
  • Current density

Weld symbol and welding symbol-Description and uses

  • Necessity
  • Elementary symbols
  • Supplementary symbols

Inspection of weld (NDT) Visual inspection

  • Necessity of inspection
  • Types of tests
  • Visual inspection before welding
  • Visual inspection during welding
  • Cheackpoints for inspection
  • Testing welds
  • Necessity of testing of welds
  • Types of testing
  • Non-destructive testing (NOT)
  • Destructivetesting

Methods of Non-distructive tests

  • Common non-distructive testing
  • Special non – destructive tests
  • Liquid penetrant test

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