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Vskills Certified DTH System Technician Table of Content

Table of Content


Fundamentals of satellite communications and earth stations

  • Elements of satellite communication system
  • Classification of satellites
  • Intelsat
  • Types of communication satellites
  • Advantage of the orbit
  • Disadvantages
  • Frequency selection
  • Multiple access techniques in satecom system
  • Frequency division multiple access (FDMA)
  • Time division multiple access (TDMA)
  • Advantages of TDMA over FDMA
  • Spread spectrum multiple access (SSMA)
  • Random access packet switching
  • Earth station and its classification
  • Class of earth station G/r dB/k
  • Class of earth station in domestic network
  • Important parameters of an earth station (DES)
  • G/T, figure of Merit
  • Effective Isotropic radiated power (EIRP)
  • Sub – System in a satellite communication network
  • Earth station system
  • Special features of Transportable earth stations
  • Special features of Transportable earth stations are
  • Polarization
  •  Types of Polarizers
  • Carrier- to-noise ratio
  • Bit error rate
  • Symbol error rate
  • Forward Error correcting (FEC)

PDA and Feed mounts – azimuth and elevation angles

  • Orientation of PDA with respect to the location of satellite
  • Feed mounts
  • Antenna sizes
  • Mounting Dishes
  • Azimuth
  • Elevation

Types of audio and video connectors

  • Audio connectors
  • XLR panel mount male and female receptacles
  • Video connector

Audio Video / RF Cables

  • Audio cables
  • Types of Audio cables
  • Types of audio cables, specification and its application
  • Video cable/RF cables

Equipments and Installation of DTH System

  • DTH (Direct to Home) system
  • DTH antenna
  • DTH LNB (low noise block)
  • DTH receiver
  • Installation of DTH
  • Offset and prime focus
  • Installation
  • Checklist
  • How the dish will be grounded
  • How the dish will be mounted
  • Step by step installation procedure
  • Install the dish support
  • Trenching and cable runs
  • Assemble the dish
  • LNB support
  • Electrical connection
  • Power and align antenna
  • Tools used in DTH

Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD)


  • Components of Digibox
  • LNB
  • Receiver
  • Cable and connectors
  • Install a sky DIGIBOX
  • Use your TV and digibox to locate the correct satellite

Measurement of azimuth and elevation using compass and SAT meter

  • The satellite Dish
  • Level or Plumb the Mast
  • Obtaining Azimuth & Elevation Setting for the satellite Dish
  • Setting Elevation on the Dish
  • Using a compass to set Dish Azimuth
  • Using a Satellite Meter
  • Peak Aligning the Satellite


  • Circuits
  • Power requirements
  • Channels/Inputs
  • Primary and secondary phone lines
  • Earth ground
  • Controls and Indicator
  • Piezo sounder
  • Operation of DIGICOM
  • Operational modes
  • Installation of DIGICOM

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