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Vskills Certified Chemical Plant Manufacturing Assistant Table of Content

Table of Content

Measaure of Physical Properties-Viscosity
  • Density of immiscible solid
  • Density of cork
  • Density of a liquid


  • Psychrometer Method for Moisture in Gases


  • Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Color Measurement by Spectrometers

Spcific Gravity

  • Hydrostatic Balance

Refractive Index

  • PH lon Concentration Measurement

Dry and Wet Tests for Chemical Analysis

  • Dry Tests
  • Wet Test
  • Test for Nitrate and/Nitrite
  • Etching Test for a Fuoride
  • Tannin Test

Manufacture of Bleaching Powder, Shop, Ferrous, Sulphate, Copper sulphate

  • Bleaching Powder
  • Preparation of soap
  • Perpation of copper sulphate
  • Lab Preparation of Ferrous Sulfate
  • Preparation of Potash Alums

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