Visual Basic 2005 Table of Contents

Table of Content



Visual Studio

  • How do I do that?
  • Code, Debug, and Continue Without Restarting Your Application
  • Look Inside an Object While Debugging
  • Diagnose and Correct Errors on the Fly
  • Rename All Instances of Any Program Element
  • Use IntelliSense Filtering and AutoCorrect
  • Edit Control Properties in Place
  • Call Methods at Design Time
  • Insert Boilerplate Code Using Snippets
  • Create XML Documentation for Your Code

The Visual Basic Language

  • Use the My Objects to Program Common Tasks
  • Get Application Information
  • Use Strongly Typed Resources
  • Use Strongly Typed Configuration Settings
  • Build Typesafe Generic Classes
  • Make Simple Data Types Nullable
  • Use Operators with Custom Objects
  • Split a Class into Multiple Files
  • Extend the My Namespace
  • Skip to the Next Iteration of a Loop
  • Dispose of Objects Automatically
  • Safeguard Properties with Split Accessibility
  • Evaluate Conditions Separately with Short-Circuit Logic

Windows Applications

  • Use Office-Style Toolbars
  • Add Any Control to a ToolStrip
  • Add Icons to Your Menu
  • Put the Web in a Window
  • Validate Input While the User Types
  • Create Text Boxes that Auto-Complete
  • Play a Windows System Sound
  • Play Simple WAV Audio
  • Create a Windows Explorer-like Split Window
  • Take Control of Window Layout
  • Where can I learn more?
  • Control When Your Application Shuts Down
  • Prevent Your Application from Starting Twice
  • Communicate Between Forms
  • Improve Redraw Speeds for GDI+
  • Handle Asynchronous Tasks Safely
  • Use a Better Data-Bound Grid
  • Format the DataGridView
  • Add Images and Controls to the DataGridView

Web Applications

  • Create a Web Application in Visual Studio
  • Administer a Web Application
  • Bind to Data Without Writing Code
  • Bind Web Controls to a Custom Class
  • Display Interactive Tables Without Writing Code
  • Display Records One at a Time
  • Achieve a Consistent Look and Feel with Master Pages
  • Add Navigation to Your Site
  • Easily Authenticate Users
  • Determine How Many People Are Currently Using Your Web Site
  • Use Role-Based Authorization
  • Store Personalized Information

Files, Databases, and XML

  • Get Drive Information
  • Get File and Directory Information
  • Copy, Move, and Delete Files
  • Read and Write Files
  • Compress and Decompress Data
  • Collect Statistics on Your Data Connections
  • Batch DataAdapter Commands for Better Performance
  • Bulk-Copy Rows from One Table to Another
  • Write Database-Agnostic Code
  • Use the New XPathDocument and XPathNavigator
  • Edit an XML Document with XPathNavigator

.NET Platform Services

  • Easily Log Events
  • Ping Another Computer
  • Get Information About a Network Connection
  • Upload and Download Files with FTP
  • Test Group Membership of the Current User
  • Encrypt Secrets for the Current User
  • Unleash the Console
  • Time Your Code
  • Deploy Your Application with ClickOnce


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