What is Training?

What is Training

Development of any skills or knowledge in ourselves or others is – what is training. Any skills desired or improving our competency power, productivity, capacity, and the capability, etc. Training is the backbone of all these. It is a process involving the required steps that needed to be followed systematically. It is nothing but making one’s mind learn new things and storing the learned part for a lifetime or till the requirement.

What is Training

Training considers the following:

  • First: you need to assess the need for it.
  • Changes in the environment: with the advancement in technology atomization, computerization, mechanization, etc. The main target of it is to train the trainees with the knowledge of the latest technology.
  • This has become mandatory: with modern inventions, technological up-gradation, and diver­sification, to cope up with the problems of coordination.
  • Maintaining good human relations: considering it as the basic condition to deal with the human problems.
  • To meet the organization’s requirement: an employee needs to go for a specific programme.

The importance of training:

Training gives a lot of benefits to the trainees’. Such benefits include the development of the self-confidence, efficiency, effectiveness, etc. It makes you adapt to the changing environment. There are different types of training – job instructions, induction, physical, etc. For clear picture on ‘what is  training’ refer to Wikipedia

At the workplace, it is all about learning the tactics and skills required by the respected organization. The need of the training is on the rise with improvement in the HRD. It is a series of specific structured activities related to the performance objective of the organization. It helps the employee to better his/her skills and meets the company’s work policies.

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