Learning vs Training

Learning vs Training

The learning vs training is the main difference bot the terms possess in human resource development.

What is learning?

Learning is an act of absorbing the information and retaining that. It aims for increasing the abilities and skills in order to achieve the goals. Learning happens at unexpected time and situation. Without even realizing we do learn many unlearned things. It prepares us to deal with the future situations and act wisely, learning is not momentary rather it helps us in the long run.

What is training?

Training is part of learning and it focuses on the development of specific skills required by the trainee. It is a process designed to train the new employees or the willing trainees. It involves the work procedure on which the specific department runs and all the job-specific tools, that include the reshaping the behavior of an individual and not from the employee’s point of view. Training teaches the new things to the trainee to know how to carry out a process on their own. VskillLearning vs Training

 The difference

Training is a part of learning because when we learn, we actually train our mind in a certain way to how to deal with the same or related situation in near future. While learning is a type of training only, we train our mind to learn a few specific skills that we may lack or want to learn willingly. The main difference between them both is that ‘training targets a specific skill or goal’ while ‘learning has got no boundaries.’ Both learning and training are interconnected in a way or the other as the quality of training impacts the quality of learning and vice-versa.

Learning and training both have got their importance, learning happens automatically while for training we need to set some goal or at least the zeal of learning the specific skills one aspires to learn.

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