Development and Education

Development and Education

Acquisition of skills, knowledge, discussions, teaching, belief, etc is all that is the process of development and education. For education, there is a strong need for an educator. A teacher or a book or any source of knowledge can be the educator. Knowledge is not just based on the books and educator-only even learners can also educate themselves. Education can be acquired in any formal or informal settings. Whichever has a better understanding by the learner. Education has got many formal divisions from kindergarten to university there are many levels in between.

Development and Education

Only the right education can make a difference in our lives. To have the knowledge of right education also requires some kind of skills. We develop those skills after a certain age and education. Now the education leads to the development, and that is the main goal of it. When developing our way of thinking, presenting ourselves. it also develops our perception & interpretation skills. While keeping the development aside, knowledge can only be acquired with learning and educating our souls. As we become learned and proceed with every level of education. This leads to development in the personality and remoulds the way of thinking. The quality of education directly affects the factors of development. If the quality is good enough then the development would only be good and vice-versa. Even a minor fault in the education can have adverse effects.

Thus, education is the key to development, when we educate someone or our own selves, the development takes place after the whole procedure of the education. There are different stages of development at every stage of education we go through. The term development is something that strikes our mind whenever we acquire some level of education.

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